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  1. An 8-Bit Arcade VR Game with FPS Immersion

    Outpost L5 is a VR game that would transport you to the 8-bit arcade games of the past. However, unlike the classic games, Outpost L5 is an immersive FPS...

  2. The Classic FPS Re-Engineered with RTX

    ID Software's mega-hit first-person shooter Quake II is back with a re-defined look. Quake II RTX is an action game that comes with the classic Quake II...

  3. A semi-stationary FPS VR game

    Fast Action Hero allows you to move between sections in a small area, and in those areas you are able to take cover and shoot at waves of enemies as they...

  4. Wizards and FPS Gameplay in Grimoire: Manastorm

    Grimoire: Manastorm is a free FPS that throws the player into a fantasy world of magic and wizardry. Master six different classes and compete against your...

  5. An Action-Packed FPS Game that Promises a Lot More

    Bit Storm VR: First Loop is a fast-paced, action game built from scratch especially for VR. This first-person shooting (FPS) game boasts unique characters...

  6. A VR FPS game set in the old West

    Western Bank VR puts you in a bank where you must collect deposits and store them, and where you must fend off bank robbers using your gun. The game offers...

  7. Remnith

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    Arena sci-fi FPS indie game

    Remnith is a futuristic sci-fi shooter with VR capability. Battle against hordes of rampaging robots with a laser in tight arena-style levels.

  8. Penance

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    Fun, fast-paced, retro-styled FPS game

    The game industry is revolutionizing in no time. Thus, the development of highly-advanced and modernized shooter games can be seen left and right. But, there...