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  1. Mobile Conversion of PDF to Word

    PDF to Word Converter is a 'Business & Productivity' app created by Inc that quickly converts PDF files into Word format on devices. Users...

  2. StayFocusd

    • 4.3
    • (41 votes)

    An awesome Chrome extension to prevent procrastination

    Let’s admit it, everyone’s procrastinated before and it’s not a good habit. You’ll end up being rushed at the end of the day and you might even be tempted to...

  3. Planyway
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    Free calendar extension for Trello

    Planyway is an example of what Trello calls “power-ups” – extensions that add functionality to the popular project management tool. Planyway takes Trello’s...

  4. Time your schedule and increase productivity

    Timer is an app designed to work with the Google Chrome browser that features a timer, stopwatch and alarm clock all in one. For power users who like to stay...

  5. Free App for Unorganised People

    Google Tasks is a special app that allows users to schedule various different tasks that they need to complete through a series of to do lists. The app...

  6. Cute, compact task manager

    A to-do app is a must on any Android phone, allowing you to get the most out of your smartphone by planning your tasks effectively. Try Astrid Tasks for...

  7. TimeGT

    • 3.5
    • (7 votes)

    Improve productivity with this powerful task manager

    If improving productivity is among your New Year resolutions, TimeGT can lend you a hand! TimeGT is a complete task management application that supports...

  8. A Cloud App That Does It All

    OneCloudDrive is an app that can perform a range of tasks. In other words, you can access all your data, music, photographs, videos, etc. from a single app....

  9. Free App for Project Management

    Nozbe: Tasks, Projects & Team is special software that allows teams to collaborate more easily and share their work across a number of popular platforms such...

  10. Making CRM User-Friendly and Intuitive

    ProsperWorks is a CRM that – unlike conventional CRMs – is intuitive, simple and doesn’t need any training to get started with. In fact, using the tool is as...