Download Horror Games For Windows 10 - Best Software & Apps | 6

  1. Late night urban horror walking simulator

    Late Night Wanderer is a free indie horror game. Explore seemingly deserted city streets as you make your way home.

  2. First person horror game with Swedish fantasy creatures

    Unforgiving - A Northern Hymn is a horror game set in the dark woods of Northern Europe. Explore a gripping story featuring monsters from Scandinavian folklore.

  3. Free retro horror adventure game

    Pine Creek is a free adventure game zeroed in on investigative work, storytelling, and following clues. The disappearance of a young girl in the...

  4. An indie horror game full of scary darkness

    Our Own Light is an indie horror game that has been created by a very small team of developers, and many of them are unable to spell or use correct grammar....

  5. Cool Game for Horror Fans

    The Cathedral: Allison's Diary is the third instalment in the popular Allison’s Diary series of virtual reality games. Like the other episodes in the saga...

  6. Eden

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    Enter the surreal world in this free indie horror game

    Eden is a free first-person horror adventure video game that will take you to a surreal dreamscape journey far different from the usual horror clichés....

  7. A free psychological horror game

    Hepburn: Takaishitai is a game where you hit download and pay whatever you want. It is very similar in style and theme to the earlier Silent Hill and...

  8. Cool Game for Slot Machine Fans

    Rocky Horror The Fruit Machine is a vibrant video slot machine game that takes one of the most popular cult films as its theme. The game is very easy to play...

  9. A free horror game teaser featuring a nomad

    NOMED Playable Demo Teaser allows you to play a snippet of an indie game where you live the life of a drifter. The nomad goes through his horrific life...

  10. Explore a Hostile Land in Girl Amazon Survival

    Girl Amazon Survival puts you into the shoes of a young woman who has survived a plane crash and ended up in a hostile and mysterious land. Explore the...

  11. Fearful

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    Cool game for Horror Fans

    Fearful is a puzzle adventure game where players take on the role of a young child. Players find themselves in a dark nursery and have to perform a series of...

  12. Doom II: Solace Dreams Mod brings a whole new survival horror game to Doom II

    Doom II: Solace Dreams Mod is a free expansion for Doom II that transforms it from a shooter to a tense survival horror game.

  13. Overlooker

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    2D Game Boy Color-style horror game

    Overlooker is a top-down 2D game that combines elements from action and horror games. Made by indie game developer Connor O. R.T. Linning, this survival...

  14. Cool Game for Horror Fans

    Perception is a game that promises to deliver plenty of thrills and chills. Players take on the role of a blind women who uses echolocation to explore an old...

  15. Horror dungeon crawler game

    Enigma Engine is an action role-playing game created by Australian indie developer, Basalt Tower. This game is a horror dungeon crawler made for the...

  16. Intriguing and Terrifying First-Person Horror Game

    SpookyCellar takes the notion of nightmares to an entirely new level. Anyone who has been searching for a white-knuckle game that will keep them on their...

  17. Jump Scare Virtual Reality Horror Game

    Do you love a good jump scare and are you attracted to threatening environments? If so, The Bellows could very well prove to be your most formidable...

  18. Jorry

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    90’s-inspired, horror point-and-click game

    Jorry is a point-and-click game developed by Korozil. If you are a fan of the classic horror games of the ’90s, this game has it, including an action and...

  19. A VR demonstration of different horror techniques

    Directionless places you in a series of different situations and tries to scare you. It is a six-minute experience with no re-play value. The scenarios and...

  20. Full Game for Horror Fans

    Weeping Doll PS VR PS4 is an adventure and puzzle solving game with very creepy undertones. Players explore a dark and rather run down house and need to...