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  1. Free horror walking simulator game

    Home from work 2 is a free horror walking simulator. Players come home from work to find their house in darkness and then go from room to room investigating...

  2. Paranormal Buddies Review

    Paranormal Buddies: Book of Shadows is a new PC role playing video game from artist Christopher Laino. The story in this game follows the lives of two teens...

  3. Indagar

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    A Horror Plot Turned into a Freaky Video Game

    Indagar is a horror-themed, story-driven video game by Vanadial. The protagonist Julia, a young mother, has lost her daughter without a trace. Julia has not...

  4. Play a brand new fan-made campaign in Portal.

    Portal: ERROR is a free mod that adds a brand new campaign to Portal. The mod has a much darker and more mysterious story than the original Portal campaign.

  5. Doom II: Solace Dreams Mod brings a whole new survival horror game to Doom II

    Doom II: Solace Dreams Mod is a free expansion for Doom II that transforms it from a shooter to a tense survival horror game.

  6. VHS-style horror exploration game

    The Building 71 Incident is a free adventure game developed by independent game creation, Scary Cube for PC. It's a first-person horror exploration that has...

  7. spot H9

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    Escape the horror parking lot

    spot H9 is a first-person horror game created by indie developer radolomeo. Free to download and play, this game gives you a chilling adventure in an...

  8. PS1 style survival horror game for PC

    Shadow over Normoth is a free action game for PC created by an indie developer named Warkus. It is a survival horror adventure that was inspired by the...

  9. Intriguing and Terrifying First-Person Horror Game

    SpookyCellar takes the notion of nightmares to an entirely new level. Anyone who has been searching for a white-knuckle game that will keep them on their...

  10. Free platform gothic horror game

    So, you have crushed the Castlevania Anniversary Collection and finished the great spiritual sequel to the Castlevania series in Bloodstained: Ritual of the...

  11. Psycho-horror platformer

    All Of Our Friends Are Dead is a platform shoot 'em up set in a hellish landscape, with no explanation. You have a gun, you can jump, and there are strange...

  12. A free Slender style horror game

    Dream of the Bad Moon is a first person free horror game, inspired by the viral phenomenon Slender. It adds to that concept with an original story and more...

  13. Free point and click horror game

    Midnight Scenes is an independent point and click game developed by Octavi Navarro. In Episode 2: The Goodbye Note, you follow Dr. Richard P. Griffin on the...

  14. Crawlerphobia

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    Epic horror escape game

    What would you do if you heard a bloodthirsty monster was living in your sewers? You can run away, or you can go down there and find proof! Crawlerphobia is...

  15. PS1-style horror game for PC

    Deep City is a free adventure game for PC by indie developer, Felix Krause. It was created in the style of the PS1 horror games of decades past. It was...

  16. Short but immensely creepy horror game

    Water Womb World is a free-to-download adventure game developed by Yames—an independent developer who’s well-known in creating an obscure philosophy-themed...

  17. The Keeper

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    Free horror puzzle game

    The Keeper is a first-person indie game developed by Comp-3 Interactive. In this puzzle game, you control a fisherman, who crashed on a lonely island...

  18. Llorona

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    Free horror game about the Sobbing Lady

    Llorona is a free PS1-styled horror game roused by Mexican legends, which sees you moving into a manor that is haunted by a sobbing lady who can never...

  19. An indie horror game full of scary darkness

    Our Own Light is an indie horror game that has been created by a very small team of developers, and many of them are unable to spell or use correct grammar....