Ice Skating Ballerina

Ice Skating Ballerina 1.0.1


A free game for android

Ice Skating Ballerina is a free Android app that is part of the category Mobile Games with subcategory More Games. Ice Skating Ballerina allows you to be a part of the life of a Ballerina who ice skates. In the game, you get to choose her makeup, you get to choose her outfits, and you get to pick her skating moves as you build her ice dancing routine. While playing, you are able to execute figure skating moves with a click of a button. Ice Skating Ballerina allows you to place your vote for other competing skaters, it lets you choose an outfit that will dazzle the judges, and you may even have a spa day to relax. There is much more to do within the game, such as going to photo shoots and visiting the gym to get fit-and-ready for the next championship.


  • The game is for adults tweens and children
  • It’s cartoony graphics are fun and very colourful


  • The in-app purchases are too expensive
  • It should feature more ballerina moves

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