LogMeIn Hamachi

LogMeIn Hamachi

Safely connect two computers via P2P


  • Good tutorial
  • Easy to use
  • Great for providing technical support


  • Requires admin rights in remote computer
  • Lengthy installation process
  • May be slow at times

Best LogMeIn downloads

  • LogMeIn Rescue

    Remotely help friends and colleagues with their computer and phone problems

    • PROS: Simple, complete remote access, Asks for a lot of confirmation, Full trial lets you find out if it suits your needs
    • CONS: Slightly jittery cursor, I hope the person being helped knows how much control they are surrendering..., At points it is more complicated than is perhaps necessary for inexperienced users
    55 votes
  • LogMeIn Central

    Easy to use network admin tool, in your browser

    • PROS: Easy to deploy and monitor, Easy to use web interface, No manual installation necessary on network PC's
    • CONS: Not suitable for large corporate networks, Doesn't offer e-mail warnings in case of network problems
    7 votes
  • LogMeIn Ignition


    Control your computer from your iPhone

    • PROS: Very easy to set up, Supports remote access to multiple computers, Pop-up QWERTY keyboard, Enables high degree of control over your PC or Mac
    • CONS: Can slow down a bit sometimes
    65 votes