Messenger Plus! Live

Messenger Plus! Live 3.63.148

Exciting new features for MSN Messenger



Best Messenger Plus! downloads

  • Messenger Plus!

    The popular add-on, updated for Windows Live Messenger 2011

    • PROS: Very well integrated into Messenger, Vast selection of new and improved features for Messenger, Nice interface design, Add your own features with scripts, Very easy to use
    • CONS: Takes a while to configure all of its options, You need scripting knowledge to create new tools, Applying skins requires Messenger restart
    217 votes
  • Messenger Plus! for Skype

    The ultimate complement to Skype

    • PROS: Convenient sidebar with extra features, Call recording, High quality video, Maintains text of conversation history, Simple and clear options
    • CONS: Animations can only be seen by other add-on users
    51 votes