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  1. Columns Free

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    Free Gem-Matching Game for Personal Use

    Columns Free is a similar platform to those who are familiar with popular franchises such as Bejeweled. The intention is to match three gems within a series...

  2. A drum and music button timing game

    Infinity Beats is a game that is similar in premise to dance mat and guitar hero games where you have to press the right button at the right time. There are...

  3. A Strategic Game With World War II as Background

    World Conqueror 1945 is basically a game of strategy with World War II as its backdrop. In this game, you would be relying heavily on troops that shall help...

  4. Osmos

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    Space based arcade game with a relaxing twist

    Games that combine engaging gameplay with relaxation are few and far between but Osmos manages to balance the two quite well.Osmos is a physics-based game...

  5. Music Keys

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    A free game for mac

    Music Keys is a free game for Mac that belongs to the category Educational, and has been developed by Marek Ledvina. This game is available in English.

  6. Racing, romance, and retro music in one video game

    Nirvana Pilot Yume is a psychedelic visual novel featuring the high-speed action of an arcade racing video game. Considered the visual novel version of the...

  7. Free Puzzle Game

    Take control of a dragon and use its fireballs to take out the bad green goblins in this casual puzzle game.

  8. Spooky Runes

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    A Fun and Thrilling Game with Halloween as its Backdrop

    Spooky Runes is a thrilling game with its fair share of scares and chills. With a Halloween backdrop, the gameplay entails collecting sufficient magic runs...

  9. Bubblegym

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    A tilt-sensitive game for your laptop

    Pong is an all-time classic, one of these games that will stick around for generations. Bubblegym takes a different twist on the game by utilizing Mac's...

  10. A free game for Mac‚ by PENG GUIPING

    CD Burn Pro - Music CD Lite is a free software only available for Mac, that is part of the category Games and has been published by PENG GUIPING.

  11. Galder

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    An interactive puzzle game

    Galder is an enjoyable puzzle game where you'll need to get rid of all the gems as fast as you can by aligning same colored stones using the circular board....

  12. A complete visual novel demo game

    MetaWare High School (Demo) is a free-to-play high school simulation game developed by Not Fun Games for desktop devices. In this single-player...

  13. iloilo

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    Free walking simulator

    Iloilo is a simulation game developed by indie developer Jens Leslie. It takes players to a seemingly abandoned island where a lonely fisher delivers fish to...

  14. Samorost 1

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    Free point-and-click adventure game

    Samorost 1 is a free point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design. Here, players will control a space gnome as it interacts with its surroundings. The...


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    Interpret music with this game

    Music is an abstract concept, and turning what you hear into an image gives plenty of room for interpretation. Panoramical is an indie game that visualizes...

  16. An atmospheric game for horror fans

    Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is an independent survival horror game developed by Jasper Byrne and published by Superflat Games. As with any survival...

  17. Herald

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    Bon Voyage!

    Set in the 19th century, Herald will take you on an adventure aboard HLV Herald, a majestic ship set to sail to other lands. As a steward of the ship, it is...

  18. A challenging, but fun twin-stick shooter game

    A fun and cartoony shooter is a bit of a rarity these days. Most shooter games tend to be grimdark and gritty. That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course,...