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  1. Make music like a pro on your virtual piano

    Piano Tiles 1 is a video game for your desktop or laptop computer that turns you into a professional pianist without ever having to learn an instrument....

  2. Slice up the music with this VR game

    Beat Saber is a fun single-player VR rhythm video game wherein you get to slice up glowing blocks to the beat of the music. Developed and published by Beat...

  3. Plan a wedding and help the bride and groom enjoy their day

    Just imagine hiring a wedding planner to organise the biggest day of your life only to lose them and be forced to do the whole thing yourself. Well, that's...

  4. 2018 version of popular football management sim

    Football Manager 2018 is the latest instalment of the popular manger simulator. Take charge of an existing or custom team and lead the to victory.

  5. Fan-made Amelia Watson game

    Smol Ame is a platformer game made by indie developer KevinCow. It is a fan-made game based on Amelia Watson, a popular virtual YouTuber associated with...

  6. Combine VR and piano lessons

    VRtuos Companion App is a free music utility software that works in conjunction with VRtuos Pro, a free VR video game for virtual piano-playing. Developed by...

  7. Indie rhythm game

    Muse Dash is a side-scrolling action rhythm game developed by PeroPeroGames. Players will control a character and attack incoming obstacles by moving to the...

  8. Become a GTA DJ with This Music Program

    San Andreas Radio is a cool and lightweight gaming utility program for the popular action game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It allows you to create your...

  9. Create music even if you're not a musician

    Jam Studio VR is a virtual reality game that allows players to enter the world of music in a way they never thought they could. Choose from a variety of...


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    Immersive musical adventure game

    Panoramical is an indie game created by Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga. However, it plays more like a series of performative digital paintings than a...

  11. SONAR

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    Advanced digital audio workstation for music lovers

    SONAR is known as a digital audio workstation (DAW). It provides the user with many advanced capabilities which are not often found within more generic...

  12. Re-experiencing the classic through music

    RESIDENT EVIL 2 - Original Ver. Soundtrack Swap offers you the chance to have a better playing experience by being able to use the original soundtrack of the...

  13. Catch your music in this simple game

    Music Match is an awesome, trial version Windows game, being part of the category PC games and has been created by Reflexive.

  14. MP3 Quiz
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    Prove your knowledge about music in your own library

    MP3 Quiz is a fun way to challenge yourself and friends to see how much you know about the music you have in your library.There are a lot of customizable...

  15. Make synthwave music

    SynthVR is a virtual reality simulation video game wherein you can use a virtual synthesizer to make some cool-sounding noise. Developed by 42tones, this VR...

  16. Soundfall

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    Enter a World of Adventure and Music in Soundfall

    Soundfall is a dungeon crawler RPG with a twist: its gameplay is based around music. Take control of heroine Melody as she is sent to the fantasy world of...

  17. iloilo

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    Relaxing visual novel game

    Developed by a unity developer and game designer named Jens Lelie, iloilo is a relaxing game that can be played on Windows PCs. Its main purpose is to give...

  18. Free card game with music and graphics

    An improved Radical Solitaire variant, dubbed Super Radical Solitaire, has been published by Vector Hat. You can always swap a card with any face-down card...

  19. Make your dream come true and become a music star

  20. Virtual reality live music simulator

    Hatsune Miku: Future Live is a virtual reality concert simulator. Join a crowd of cheering fans and wave along a glow stick in time.