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  1. Powerful music organizer

    Have you found that you've never really fallen in love with iTunes or any of the other major media players? If so then you might find Jajuk a breath of fresh...

  2. Pocket version of this powerful open-source audio player

    When it comes to audio players, most people choose between the three or four most popular apps: iTunes, Winamp, VLC, AIMP Player… but there are many other...

  3. Add sounds to Mozilla Firefox

    If there's one thing that Firefox perhaps lacks, it's sounds and audio alerts when you encounter certain issues or perform certain actions while...

  4. Classical

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    The music app for music lovers

    Classical is an app which has been developed to provide a great radio experience that ties in with an educational resource. Users can listen to a wide...

  5. Listen to music for free

    With Last. fm, music fans have found a place to congregate and share musical tastes. The Last. fm player places the “social music revolution” onto your...

  6. exfm

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    Discover new music in an innovative way

    exfm is a social music discovery app for iOS that helps you find and listen to songs based on recommendations from friends and like-minded music fans.The...

  7. Streaming music and exclusive concert app

    KKBOX- Lets music is a mobile app and service that provides users with a comprehensive library of Asian music. With access to over 30 million unique tracks...

  8. Art Collector

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    Add album art to your music library

    If you've been following Mac news recently you've probably heard that both Art Collector and Menuet are now charityware, which means they are completely...

  9. Useful App for Organisation Seekers

    Music Library Magic is a special app that scans all the files between the iTunes music library and on the drive of users to alert users if they have...

  10. MSTY

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    Musical messages

    MSTY is for anyone who has ever felt that pictures and text were not enough to convey their mood in a message. With its simple interface, it lets you add...

  11. Radio

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    Radio - listen, record and export radio stations

    This app allow you to listen to a range of radio stations, record audio from them and export that audio. It does this well and with a user-friendly...

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    Create style playlists using your music library

    The social music website, has become a firm favourite with music fans the world over because of the way it lets users discover music which the site...

  13. Fathom

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    Find brand new music

    Fathom is a web app that allows you to stream music and find similar artists. By default this app is designed around finding new music that fits your tastes...

  14. A free program for iphone

    PJ Library Radio is a free program for Iphone that belongs to the category Music-radio, and has been developed by Rick Recht. This program is available in...

  15. MP3 Quiz
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    Prove your knowledge about music in your own library

    MP3 Quiz is a fun way to challenge yourself and friends to see how much you know about the music you have in your library.There are a lot of customizable...

  16. Synchronize your music library and access it online

    SuperSync allows you to make sure that you're never far away from your music wherever you go. SuperSync is a powerful tool for synchronizing music libraries...

  17. Access your tunesBag music library from the desktop

    What if you could have your favorite music available anywhere, anytime? This is what tunesBag offers you: an online free storage service for your music, and...

  18. Microsoft Tackles Audio and Video Devices with Zune

    Microsoft has arguably created a hefty amount of devices along the years and it's probable that none have been as controversial as the Zune. Made to compete...

  19. Sync your music and access it anywhere

    LockerSync is an application that uploads your music to the web service MP3tunes, allowing you to listen to your songs when you're away from your computer.If...