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  1. ToYcon

    • 4
    • (238 votes)

    Drag and drop images to create icons

    Creating an icon can take more time than it seems. This is what it's always great to have tools that can automate the whole process and make it lighter on...

  2. Convert your PC into a Wi-Fi access point

    Would you like to connect a mobile device to the Internet at home but your router is not Wi-Fi enabled? We recommend that you try VirtualRouter Plus...

  3. Save space on your MP3 player by modifying bitrate

    Ever wish you could fit more music on your portable MP3 player? If so, MP3 Quality Modifier is the tool for you.MP3 Quality Modifier is a simple...

  4. A simple tool for write protecting USB drives

    If you’ve ever been concerned with damaging or modifying the files on your USB drives then the USB WriteProtector is a security tool that you’ll definitely...

  5. SuperScan

    • 3.6
    • (116 votes)

    One of the fastest and most powerful TCP port scanners

    Port scanning is a necessary procedure for anyone handling Internet services. One of the best programs for this purpose is the SuperScan developed by...

  6. Add More Functionalities to a Popular Virtualization Package

    VirtualBox Extension Pack is a tool that adds new and useful features to VirtualBox, a popular virtualization package. In case you didn’t know, VirtualBox...

  7. AdwCleaner

    • 4.2
    • (64 votes)

    Easily clean and boost your PC

    AdwCleaner is a free security and privacy software that allows you to easily rid your PC of adware. A product of Malwarebytes, this handy program is an...

  8. A much faster way to copy or move files in Windows

    One thing that annoys me a lot about Windows is the incredible amount of time the computer takes to move or copy files from one location to another....

  9. Use iTunes anywhere without installing anything

    iTunes is the Apple program for managing, organizing and playing files and playlists from your multimedia library (music, movies, podcasts, etc.). iTunes...

  10. Losing Your Vizio TV Remote Control Should No Longer Be a Problem

    Remote Control for Vizio TV is an app that uses your mobile device’s built-in IR blaster to work as digital remote control. The app works when placed three...

  11. Effortlessly switch to light or dark mode

    Switching between light or dark mode on your desktop will require some steps to do that are usually inconvenient and adversely slows down your work pace....

  12. Have Vista transparent windows in XP

    Let's admit it: Windows Vista does have some graphical eyecandy that many of us would like to enjoy too, that is, if we could have it without having to give...

  13. Great PSP emulator

    PPSSPP is an excellent emulator of the Sony PlayStation Portable console. It supports loading the ROMs of PSP games (ISO, CSO, PBP, ELF files), demos and...

  14. Automatically repair errors in .NET

    Microsoft. NET Framework is a set of libraries provided by Microsoft to schedule and run native applications on Windows. Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool...

  15. Unlock and delete blocked files the easy way

    Deleting a file from your computer may not be as easy as it seems. Sometimes you get an error message telling you that the file is being used by another...

  16. Calculate the exact color value of any pixel

    Graphical designers and other professionals who work with colors on a daily basis need to see colors exactly as they are on their computer screens: red must...

  17. Free windows pinning download

    Always On Top Maker is a simple tool used to keep a window above others. Use a hotkey to select a window.

  18. Free Hardware Diagnostics for Home PC

    Everest Home Edition is a free system information tool that runs a full diagnostic scan on all aspects of your home PC system. Information on all hardware...

  19. GeoEnZo

    • 4
    • (464 votes)

    A Free Science & education program for Windows

    GeoEnZo is an awesome, free Windows software, being part of the category Science & education software and has been created by ACJ.