Download No Installation - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. Protect your USB files

    You may have heard of file locks for computers but what about the files in your USB drive? USB Flash Block/Unblock is an application developed by...

  2. Handy screen capturing tool with editing capabilities

    Massive photo editing tools like Photoshop are great, but some find them too heavy and complicated for everyday usage. In those cases, using a smaller app...

  3. Adjust the transparency of the Windows 7 taskbar

    Taskbar Transparency is a popular, free software only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar Start...

  4. Convert between more than 2,100 measurement units

    Unit Converter Expert enables you to quickly perform conversions between literally hundreds of measurement units. There are many things I like about this...

  5. Earth3D

    • 3.6
    • (1219 votes)

    Visualize Earth in a real-time 3D perspective

    Earth3D enables you to have your own personal planetarium at home. Simply copy this tool to your hard drive – no installation required – and be ready to...

  6. A Free Security program for Windows

    USB Drive Disabler is a program developed by intelliadmin that will allow you to block out all foreign devices from accessing your computer. It has a very...

  7. A simple tool for removing the Windows 7 watermark

    Each release of a Windows OS has been controversial, but what hasn’t been controversial is the fact that Windows watermarks are extremely annoying. They...

  8. Portable tool to easily create and share concept maps

    Concept maps are a great help when preparing a huge project, organizing tasks among a group of people, or simply helping you to get things done.Now with...

  9. WinFlip

    • 3.9
    • (396 votes)

    Get the Flip 3D Vista effect on XP

    Since its launch about a year ago, Windows Vista has been widely criticized for several reasons: security restrictions, poor usability, lack of actual new...

  10. WikiTaxi

    • 3
    • (34 votes)

    Check Wikipedia without even connecting to the net

    Wikipedia has to be one of the most widely checked resources on the internet but what happens if you don't have a connection to the net? WikiTaxi is a...

  11. Make the most of your dual-screen computer

    Dual Monitor Tools is a pack of apps that come in handy for those of us who work with more than one monitor.The Dual Monitor Tools pack includes five...

  12. Basic tool for creating multiple folders

    Creating one new folder is no problem for most of us, but what if you need to create ten, or even a thousand? New Folder Wizard might be the answer. New...

  13. Wavosaur
    • 3.3
    • (167 votes)

    A free Audio program for Windows

    Wavosaur is a great, free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Audio software with subcategory Editors (more specifically...

  14. Free Imaging Tool for Designers

    People who are looking for a way to enhance their images and print them out should check out the Rasterbator. This free tool does not need to be installed...

  15. Internet Repair for Free

    This utility is an alternative to employing a technician to diagnose and repair internet faults. The majority of internet faults are software-based, and...

  16. FontViewOK

    • 3.9
    • (8 votes)

    Font browsing made easy

    FontViewOK makes font browsing a lot easier by providing you with a list that displays all the fonts currently installed on your system.You can customize the...

  17. Experience Windows 1995

    Windows 95 was one of the early versions of Microsoft Windows released nearly 23 years ago. Its official support ended back in 2001 and has long been buried...

  18. MiniPad2

    • 4.1
    • (52 votes)

    A handy tabbed notepad

    Windows Notepad is useful for jotting down short notes, but it's certainly quite limited in functions. So what about using another notepad to replace...

  19. Disk Wipe

    • 3.6
    • (30 votes)

    Safely erase data from external drives and USB sticks

    Deleting folders and files from a drive doesn't really erase the data; it simply marks that space as free again. This means that files can be recovered...

  20. iMule

    • 3.3
    • (99 votes)

    Invisible file sharing

    If you're a P2P (peer to peer) user worried about the increasing regulation of file sharing, one solution is to use an 'anonymous' network, which hides your...