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  1. The powerfully simple Personal Information Manager

    Managing personal information can be tricky if you need a different program to handle contacts, tasks, calendar email and your schedule. EssentialPIM Free...

  2. Boost Note

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    Collaborative workspace for developer teams

    Boost Note is the right business and productivity platform for developer teams. This project management utility is packed with features and tools that can...

  3. PicoNote
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    Super simple note taking synchronization

    If you take lots of text-notes, and want to be able to get to them wherever you are, and write them wherever you are, Piconote is a simple solution. You have...

  4. Simsu

    • 4.3
    • (2 votes)

    A nice digital sudoku with extra help

    Sudokus may not be the trendiest pastimes anymore, but I'm sure lots of people are still hooked on them. If you're one of them, you can't miss this...

  5. NoteIT

    • 2.5
    • (2 votes)

    Simple utility for taking quick notes

    Removed Advertising. Added text-to-speech functionality.

  6. NoteSync

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    Note taking made easy and in sync with Google Docs

    If you use Google Docs regularly but wish you had a way of integrating it with your desktop, then NoteSync may be just what you need.NoteSync is a slick...

  7. A unique program to manage all your bookmarks

    Bookmark Flash is a tool that organizes your bookmarks for use in any browser.If you tend to compulsively bookmark any site that catches your interest, you...