Download Office Suite For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. An Intuitive Multi-Script Converter Tool

    Mangal to Kruti v1.5 is a free converter tool that easily switches to Kruti Dev from Mangal font. This Unicode converter tool supports Devanagari scripts...

  2. Freeplane

    • 3
    • (57 votes)

    Create mind maps with this app

    Freeplane is an open-source app that you can use to create mind maps. From simple to complex maps, this business software can help you transcribe your ideas...

  3. FILEminimizer - Compress your PDFs, Office files and image files by up to 90%

  4. A powerful alternative to MS Office

    Microsoft Office has always been the undefeated standard when it comes to office suites and productivity tools. No matter how much developers try, they...

  5. A Free Productivity program for Windows

    Foxit Office Suite is a powerful, free Windows software, that belongs to the category Productivity software and has been created by Foxit Corporation.

  6. Ribbon Hero

    • 3.5
    • (29 votes)

    Learn how to use Office 2007 and 2010

    Ribbon Hero 2 is a game that teaches you how to use Office 2007 and 2010, which introduced a new interface to the suite of apps.Many people find moving to...

  7. Test out new beta features in this office suite

    LibreOffice Fresh is a beta version of the office suite. Like all betas, features found in LibreOffice Fresh may not get added into the stable release.

  8. OffiSync

    • 3.8
    • (24 votes)

    Use Google Docs in Microsoft Office

    Google Docs is an excellent tool to work on documents when you need to share them online or track changes done by other people. But what if you're used to...

  9. A free premium and professional HD office suite for widescreen monitors.

  10. Improved Microsoft Office Suite

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus is a business and productivity software by Microsoft. The office suite software contains every stable version of...

  11. The quintessential productivity suite for college students

    Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Office 2010. You can download the Office 365 University trial instead.Microsoft Office 2010 Professional...

  12. An affordable alternative to Microsoft Office

    If you're not really happy with using Microsoft Office, you'll be glad to know there's an alternative that includes all the standard office tools, is fully...