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    Streaming Downloading with a New Downloads Button

    All internet users have to download something at some point from important documents to fun things like new backgrounds and music. When you download your...

  2. Check how your website looks in different Firefox versions

    Testing a website in different browser versions is a must for all web designers and developers. This is where Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection comes in...

  3. Clean up all your Internet history and past computer activities with one click.

  4. Picture to Drawing PRO is designed for turning an image into a professional color or grayscale sketch in one click.

  5. Create panoramic photos in just one click

  6. Change keyboard layout and fix texts with one click

    For those of you who work with several languages, changing language settings in Windows can be a pain. Luckily LangOver can now make it easier for...

  7. Perfect ePUB DRM Removal enables you easily remove Adobe ePUB DRM from any eBooks with high quality by one click.

  8. Imagicon

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    From image to icon in one click

    Imagicon is a nice, free software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Design & photography software with subcategory Retouching &...

  9. Record repetitive mouse and keyboard actions with just one click

    MouseKey Recorder is a macro recorder that is both easy to use and offers an intuitive interface. With the program, you can record all your mouse movements...

  10. Secure your business in every click

    Security is a vital part of a business, especially if you deal with confidential information. And with growing numbers of people who can look into the...

  11. Graphic Print Manager, is a powerful tool for photo printing, that allows you to print many photos with one click

  12. Define and translate words in one click

    Dixio Desktop Classic is a handy translation tool that helps you browse web pages in Spanish and Catalan, and also provides definitions for English...

  13. Generate multiple passwords in one click

    Random Password Generator helps you with the always annoying task of coming up with a new password every time you subscribe to a new online service.You can...

  14. One-click translations and text-to-speech

    We live in such a globalized society that it's inevitable that sometimes you're going to come across information in a language that you don't speak - or at...

  15. One-click unzipping

    Zip Unzip By Click is a very simple application that will allow you to zip and unzip compressed files.This app is certainly on the low-key side. It's a...

  16. SwapWin

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    Swap monitors in one click

    SwapWin is a seriously small application that allows people who work with dual monitors to seamlessly swap between the two screens.Normally, working with two...

  17. An all-purpose calendar and to do list in one

    VueMinder Calendar Pro is a comprehensive desktop calendar that allows you to organize your life by the minute.It can initially be a little overwhelming to...