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  1. Keep Updated about Cryptocurrencies with Cryptoradar

    Cryptoradar is a free online service that allows you to keep up to date with the highs and lows of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Cryptoradar, you can get data...

  2. New way to access online banking

    If you're an account holder with Flagstar Bank, the new Flagstar banking app is an essential addition to your everyday itinerary. Whether you just want to...

  3. Make online shopping and banking a safer activity

    Online-Armor is a slick-looking program designed to protect you from malicious programs, hackers and identity theft, especially when you are shopping and...

  4. Make secure online backups of your data

    BackupLife allows you to make secure online backups of your Windows data. BackupLife has no data limits and claims to be extremely secure with because it...

  5. Hong Leong Connect - The Best Online Banking Experience

    What is Hong Leong Connect?Our digital banking initiative, Hong Leong Connect, helps customers bank online 24/7, 365 days in Malaysia and Hong Kong.We...

  6. Online Banking & M-Connect App

    The bank’s Online Banking & M-Connect App has been designed to provide you with an easy experience of banking transactions. The application provides you with...

  7. EasyMoney

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    Money management for individuals and small business owners

    There's never been a more important time to make sure your personal finances are managed effectively and even more so if you're running a small...

  8. AlipayHK

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    An app you may use as a cashless online wallet

    The Alipay Hong Kong app is the app created by Alipay. The app itself is free to download and install. However, if you wish to use the app the hold your...

  9. DontPhishMe

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    DontPhishMe - Protect Malaysians From Online Banking Phishing Websites

    DontPhishMe is a helpful extension for Malaysian internet browsers to protect them from websites that attempts to spoof or trick them into disclosing...

  10. Set Out to Disrupt the Online Payments Industry

    PayXpert is an online payment facilitator offering innovative payment solutions. Simply put, PayXpert assists merchants create banking relationships in...

  11. Complete set of tools to protect your files, system and Internet connection

    MYInternetSecurity is a complete security suite which helps you protect your system from viruses, spyware and other dangerous elements.The Silver version of...

  12. iCompta

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    Slick money management app

    iCompta is a simple but powerful money management app that could help you bring some order to your finances.The idea of iCompta is to allow you to bring all...