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  1. Search your PC and remove this worm and all its variants

    April 1st is mainly known for being April Fool's day, but it's also a common date to activate new viruses and worms, such as the well-known Conficker.Luckily...

  2. Secure your PC with Clam AntiVirus

    The internet contains a lot of security issues for the unwary. From data theft to malicious software, there’s a lot out there which can damage your PC or...

  3. Shield your PC from viruses and malware

    System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware is a basic, functional anti-virus that will provide real-time protection for your PC.The main System Shield AntiVirus...

  4. VundoFix

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    • (5 votes)

    Keep your PC safe from viruses like Vundo

    VundoFix is an effective weapon in the fight against Vundo viruses on your PC.The Vundo virus generally bombards users with popups for programs like WinFixer...

  5. Protect your PC from virus attacks

    Forget about any prejudices, ditch any preconceived ideas: free anti-viruses can be as reliable and secure as any paid app! But in case of emergencies, you...

  6. Hardcore antivirus protection for your PC

    G Data Antivirus helps windows PC users effectively detect malware on their computer and destroy it in a matter of simple clicks. Frequent internet surfers...