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  1. Protect publicly accessible PC from being tampered

  2. Use a remote controller to control your PC

    If you're fed up of sitting glued to your keyboard and mouse and fancy a more relaxing way of using your PC then InfraRedEye could provide the answer.The...

  3. Control your hotel business from your PC

  4. Speed up & regain control of your PC

    Max Secure Spyware Detector is a great, trial version Windows software, that is part of the category Security software with subcategory Anti-spyware.

  5. Control your phone from your PC

  6. Keep control of internet activity

    Worried how long your kids are spending on the internet? Well Watcher can help you by setting-up clear boundaries between your children and their...

  7. Control your domestic utilities from your PC

    I remember not so long ago seeing a news story where they portrayed a future where everything in your house would be controlled by a single computer and a...

  8. Remote control for Mac

    AstroShare is a great, free multiplatform program (also available for Windows), being part of the category Internet software with subcategory Remote Control.

  9. Threadit

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    A video recording tool for PC

    Threadit is a free utility tool that was developed by for desktop devices. It's a screen capture and video...

  10. Define the time when users can work on PC

  11. Control your computer from your iPhone

    I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be controlling my PC from my mobile phone while sat on the bus, miles away from my computer. Yet thanks to LogMeIn...

  12. Block programs that you don't want used on your PC

  13. WallCooler

    • 3.8
    • (31 votes)

    Access and control your home PC from another computer

    New Features: Support for Remote Screen on Vista & XP Home WebCooler Support Any WallCooler computer (and network) can now be accessed through a Web...

  14. Customer support via remote PC access

    All companies should care about their customers as much as they do about their products, and Instant Housecall can help you deliver that quality customer...

  15. Shutdown your PC automatically via a timer

    It's never a bad idea to have more control over shutdowns. Leaving your computer switched on for hours on end is not good for your PC, your electric bill or...

  16. Avvenu

    • 2.7
    • (6 votes)

    Free service that allows you to remotely access your home or office PC

  17. Share your PC desktop with your friends

    Ever wanted to demonstrate something on another person's PC? If you've got Bosco's Screen Share, it'll be much easier than you think. This application allows...

  18. Snarl

    • 4.8
    • (5 votes)

    Get heads up notifcations for your PC

    Snarl is the Windows equivalent of OS X's Growl notification application.The default Windows notifications are terrible. Windows can only display changes one...