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  1. Free Tool For Data Hunters

    Findo is a special tool that makes it easy for users to track down certain data files. This is a good solution for people who are trying to track down...

  2. Free Trial for Researchers

    Keyword Explorer by Moz is a special tool that makes it easy to search the web for certain content by using keywords. Unlike other tools of this type, the...

  3. Vibe

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    Profile your contacts instantly

    Vibe is an attempt to create an app which instantly retrieves the identity and profile of people online simply by searching for their name. The aim of Vibe...

  4. We The People: Available Anywhere, At Any Time.

    United States Constitution is a small app officially created by the US government to provide an accessible, tamper-free copy of the United States...

  5. Cool Game for Happy Snappers

    Magic Hour is a vibrant game that has been designed especially for people who want an introduction to virtual reality photography. The game comes complete...

  6. Courseroot

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    Free Software for Students

    Courseroot is a special programme that provides reviews of a large number of online courses. Users simply need to enter the subject that they are interested...

  7. A free Google Chrome extension that advertises guns search allows you to select a word on a website and then run a similar search on the website. It is handy for people who are...

  8. A social network searching and tracking program

    Colibri IO allows you to find people who are talking about your products or your brand on social media. It searches out social media chatter that includes...

  9. Postmates

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    Free App for Foodies

    Postmates is a special app that provides users with information on the service that allows users to order different types of food and drink via a few taps on...


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    Free Software for Concerned Citizens is a tool that makes it extremely easy for users to contact their representatives. After supplying their email address, users simply need to...

  11. An App for People Serious About Writing Songs

    Songwriter’s Companion is a tool that lets you document all song ideas, such as titles, lyrics, hooks, audio, etc. You may work on those saved ideas and...

  12. Find and Save Anything and Everything You Want Online

    Slabdeck is an app-based search engine that helps you find and save almost anything and everything online. On a single platform, you can procure information...

  13. Homer

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    Browse and discover your friends apps

    Homer allows you to find out what apps your friends (or people that are trending, including celebrities) have downloaded by sharing screenshots you have...

  14. Special App for Smart Savers

    You Need A Budget is an app that is designed to help users manage their finances so that they can save money for a rainy day. This is a great option for...

  15. Free App for Instagram Users

    PhotoGrids for Instagram is a special app that allows users to upload photographs directly from their Mac to their Instagram account. This means that people...