Download Photo Editor For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. Improve Photos Exponentially With Various Effects

    Adjust the size, sharpen objects, apply effects, refine colors and much more with this clever photo editor. If you're intimidated by the thought of learning...

  2. With this virtual makeup photo editor you'll be able to make your pictures look even better than they do!

  3. Fotografix

    • 3.7
    • (78 votes)

    A simple, free standalone photo editor

    When it comes to working with images, most of us are fine with a simple image editor to the most basic tasks in photo editing, retouching and enhancement....

  4. Powerful, yet simple, photo optimization and sharing

    Firstly, don't get confused by the name. There are at least two other software packages called Aurora, including a visual designer app and a multifunction...

  5. Recompose photos on different backgrounds

    iFoxSoft Photo Crop Editor is an awesome, trial version Windows program, that belongs to the category Design & photography software with subcategory...

  6. Quick yet powerful digital photo editor

    Most graphics editors are massive apps that require advanced photo editing knowledge, take a while to boot up and we don't really use all of their...

  7. Enhance photos with this simple editor

    Enhancing photos is an essential part of any professional photographer's day and while this is no professional tool by a long stretch, it gives amateurs a...

  8. Portable photo viewer and editor with support for layers

    StylePix Portable is a special version of StylePix that you can carry around on your USB memory device and which doesn’t require installation to use.When it...

  9. A Trial version Design & photography program for Windows

    Photo Make Up Editor is a handy, trial version Windows software, being part of the category Design & photography software with subcategory Graphics Editors...

  10. Free and portable photo editor

    PhotoDemon is a free and portable photo editor that you can use to enhance your graphic collections. This multimedia app stands out from its competition with...

  11. Pixelitor

    • 3
    • (52 votes)

    A simple yet powerful photo editor

    At first sight, Pixelitor doesn't seem a promising app. But after using it for a while, you’ll soon discover this free image editor is in fact quite...

  12. Apply a special color effect to your photos

    If you follow our Photoshop tutorials on the blog, you probably read this one about how to add a dash of color to black and white images. But if this is...

  13. Create Watermarks and Safeguard Your Digital Images

    Watermark Software by Aoao Photo is a tool that helps add an additional security layer over your images, thereby helping prevent piracy. Though the purpose...

  14. Open-source photo editor with support for RAW

    Photivo is a free photo editor that's different from any others you may have tried so far. It works not only with your regular bitmap files (JPG, BMP and so...

  15. HeliosPaint

    • 3.9
    • (55 votes)

    Easy photo and drawing editor with varied tools

    HeliosPaint is a basic editor that allows you not only to draw anything from scratch, but also to add some easy effects to your pictures in a couple of...

  16. Phocasa

    • 2.2
    • (6 votes)

    Picassa style photo editor

    Phocasa allows you to edit all kinds of images to make refinements as simple as resizing, cropping the image, twisting, rotating and changing the format...

  17. A full version program for windows

    Pictura (Photo Editor) is a full version software only available for Windows, being part of the category Audio software.

  18. A powerful tool for professional photo editing

    Sagelight is a powerful photo editor with lots of great features.You might be more familiar with Lightbox Free Image Editor, which is a limited version of...