Download Physics Games For Windows Free - Best Software & Apps

  1. Challenging Game for Racing Fans

    Hill Climb Racing 2 is a physics driven racing game that promises players plenty of thrills and spills. Players are faced with a race course full of hills...

  2. Spintires

    • 3.7
    • (5012 votes)

    Welcome to truck hell

    Spintires is a game where you get to operate off-road trucks. These large, heavy trucks are difficult to maneuver and designed to move large cargo through...

  3. Play The Powder Toy, an awesome free physics game

    The Powder Toy is a classic experimental sandbox game that will keep nerdy types entertained for hours!This game is awesome, if not a little difficult to...

  4. Phun

    • 3.9
    • (955 votes)

    Physics made fun Swedish style

    Phun is a typically Swedish invention - functional, free, educational but fun at the same time. If you're studying physics then you should get a lot of...

  5. Challenge physical laws in this hand-drawn game

    Crayon Physics is a radically different game, in the sense that it doesn't demand you to complete action-packed missions during World War II or frantic races...

  6. Physics-Based Shark Simulation Game for Personal Computers

    Shark Simulator is a rather unique game in the fact that it allows players to take on the role of a shark. As this is a sandbox bundle, there are numerous...

  7. A Physics-Based Ragdoll Game With Crisp Graphics

    Happy Wheels 3 is a graphic, yet fun-filled game where you are expected to reach your destination or attain a predetermined goal hopping between different...

  8. A hilarious physics game that will leave you tongue-tied

    Speech is an ability most people often take for granted. It comes to most of us so naturally and yet, it’s probably our most valuable ability. Speaking...

  9. FooBillard

    • 3.7
    • (357 votes)

    Free pool game with realistic physics

    FooBillard was originally created for the Linux platform but luckily enough we can now enjoy this Windows version and have fun while playing pool on the...

  10. Physics can be a time waster too!

    Numpty Physics is a little puzzle game for Windows that melds cute schoolbook-style graphics with a kind of realistic physics engine. Every screen has the...

  11. Puddle

    • 3.3
    • (48 votes)

    Liquid physics puzzles!

    Puddle is a physics-based puzzle game, that looks similar to World of Goo, but plays completely differently.Every level of this short game requires you to...

  12. A free physics based action puzzler

    Hellycopter is another physics based game, where over a series of levels you pilot a 2-dimensional helicopter around through mazes, saving, and sometimes...

  13. Tupsu

    • 3.9
    • (16 votes)

    A cute physics based puzzle game

    Tupsu is a fun, physics based puzzle game for desktop PCs that runs on the Pokki platform.If you’re looking for a fun distraction that challenges you to...