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  1. A Parkour platformer as a VR game

    Deep End allows you to jump over, jump on, and climb on different buildings and in different rooms in a virtual world. It is a VR game set in bland office...

  2. Play your trumpet to fame in this fun platformer

    Jazz: Trump's Journey is a platforming game for Android that blends beautiful, retro art with New Orleans jazz.The stand out features of Jazz: Trump's...

  3. Momodora I

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    Old-timey action-platformer game

    Momodora I is an indie game developed by rdein. The first title in the Momodora series, this game features a challenging arcade-style similar to old...

  4. Trace

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    A free web app, by Sticker Mule.

    Trace is a free web application, that makes part of the category 'Photography'.

  5. Fairly Nude

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    Free brutal platformer where you’re a naked guy

    Fairly Nude is a free hardcore platformer video game that lets you run around in comically-dangerous rooms as a pixelated naked guy. Developed by Arian...

  6. Loco - A Charming 2D Musical Platformer

    If you're looking for a fun little platformer with a truly infectious soundtrack, Loco won't lead you far wrong. With wonderfully sweet visuals and an art...

  7. A simple platformer with a socially relevant moral

    It’s easy to be impressed by the high-quality graphics and reality-bending of modern triple-A games, but sometimes, it’s nice to come across a simple game...

  8. A full version app for Android, by Okira Project.

    Okira GO - Endless Runner 3D Platformer is a full version program for Android, that makes part of the category 'Arcade'.

  9. Free space action jet pack game

    Mars: Mars is a free simple space action game. Pilot an astronaut between platforms with jumps and glides, refuelling along the way before moving on to new...

  10. A free program for Android, by Volkan Kutlubay.

    Hopper Steve - Platformer Games In Adventure World is a free software for Android, that makes part of the category 'Arcade'.

  11. A free program for Android, by Bahri Corporation.

    Cubob - 2D Platformer is a free game for Android, that makes part of the category 'Games'.

  12. A free app for Android, by Mini Apps Games.

    Jumppy: Endless Platformer is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Action'.

  13. What are the chances of beating this platformer?

    In Probability Zero you play a character who has to keep traveling down, doing all he can to stay alive. It's a downward scrolling platform game, and the...

  14. Free vertical platformer

    Jump With Justin is a browser game that offers endless vertical platformer gameplay.  Free to play on your browser, the game features a beaver who wants to...

  15. Find Takishawa in this challenging 3D platformer

    Takishawa Is Dead! is a short indie 3D platform game. As you begin the game, you are told that a dangerous criminal, Takishawa, is on the loose, and you must...

  16. A high quality and fun freeware platformer

    Of Light and Shadow is a free 2.5D platform game where you play Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you have to switch...

  17. A free program for Android, by Flamation Studios.

    Easter Bunny: 2d Platformer Game is a free software for Android, that makes part of the category 'Strategy'.

  18. Fetus

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    A eerie puzzle platformer

    Fetus is a strange, dark little platform/puzzle game. No story is complained, but what you have to do is introduced to you during the first few levels. Each...

  19. Free VR platformer set in neon cyberspace.

    Pixel Arcade is one of the most challenging platformers to come to the world of VR. Transport yourself into a world of pixels set in neon cyberspace.

  20. Just another flipping platformer?

    A Flipping Good Time is a platform game that uses gravity flipping switches as it's main trick. Guide your adventurer through an underground world where...