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  1. Read the minds of appliances in this point and click adventure

    MentalRepairsInc is a semi 3D point and click adventure that puts you in control of Henrik Liaw, a machine psychiatrist. His job is to fix machines my...

  2. Great Point-and-Click Game About The Hilarity of Death

    The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack is a hilariously-adult 2D point-and-click adventure game about a retelling of the classic Frankenstein story. It stars Dr. Victor...

  3. Cute and funny point and click adventure

    Nelly Cootalot is a independent point and click adventure, in which you play Nelly Cootalot, a pirate, who has to find out why the Spoonbeak birds have...

  4. A strangely funny point and click adventure

    Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is a point and click adventure, putting a modern spin on the venerable genre that has given us such classics as...

  5. Jorry

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    90’s-inspired, horror point-and-click game

    Jorry is a point-and-click game developed by Korozil. If you are a fan of the classic horror games of the ’90s, this game has it, including an action and...

  6. Exciting Point-and-Click Space Adventure Game

    Tales of Cosmos is a fun and exciting point-and-click adventure game that enables players to explore different parts of the galaxy. Not only are the flash...

  7. Free point-and-click adventure game

    Intergalactic Wizard Force is a 2D space-based adventure game. Explore the cosmos together with Prince Xandar and Maldrek. You will travel across time and...

  8. Cosmic fun in this challenging point-and-click puzzle game

    Tiny Space Adventure Lite is a cosmic point-and-click puzzle game where you must escape hostile alien environments using only your wits (and a bit of luck).

  9. Cosmic fun in this challenging point-and-click puzzle game

    Tiny Space Adventure is a cosmic point-and-click puzzle game where you must escape hostile alien environments using only your wits (and a bit of luck).

  10. A charming detective adventure for desktop

    Pirate Fox Detective: The Case of the Conspicuous Klawz Crew is a free adventure game by indie developer Jesse Toyota, a.k.a, CAJJI. This point-and-click...

  11. Keep the forest safe

    Wintersdawn in the Deep is a free adventure video game wherein you must venture into a forest that is full of dangers. Developed by Western Deep, LLC, this...

  12. Hope

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    A short, melancholic point-and-click adventure

    Hope is a short indie point-and-click adventure game. It tells the story of a boy who wakes up unsure of who he is, and a girl he sees. This futuristic...

  13. Worlds collide in this quirky adventure game

    Broken Age is a classic gameplay point-and-click adventure game. You follow the stories of two characters, Vella and Shay, solving puzzles and learning...

  14. A full version app for Android, by Dali Games: adventure games.

    Unholy Adventure 2: Point And Click Story Game is a full version software for Android, that makes part of the category ''.

  15. A chilling point-and-click game with pixel graphics

    The Last Door: Collector’s Edition is a horror point-and-click game presented in detailed 8-bit pixel graphics. Developed by Phoenix Online Studios, The Last...

  16. Stylish stop motion point and click adventure

    The Dream Machine is a beautifully crafted point and click adventure. Solve puzzles to help Victor through this eerie animated story.The Dream Machine comes...

  17. iD

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    Simple point and click adventure game

    iD is a point and click independent adventure game developed for the Windows operating system. Originally created for a game jam, iD was made in two short...

  18. Return to Aventuria in Memoria

    Memoria is a fantasy adventure game set in the world of Aventuria. It's a sequel to 2012's The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. Lead character Geron returns, but...

  19. Peridium

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    Free point-and-click horror/adventure game for personal computers

    Peridium is a point-and-click horror game that displays traditional 16-bit graphics. The user will be required to uncover hidden objects, to solve puzzles...

  20. The penultimate part of this ghostly detective story

    Blackwell Deception continues the Blackwell series of point-and-click adventures. Created by Wadjet Eye Games, the fourth game in the Blackwell series keeps...