Download Puzzle Games Free For Windows 10 - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. Sugary sweet match-three fun

    Pastry Paradise is another match-three mobile game based around connecting groups of sugary treats. If you're a Candy Crush Saga fan this game will get you...

  2. Grid Rangers

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    Grid Rangers takes puzzle gaming to a colorful sci-FI world

    Grid Rangers is a free puzzle game loosely inspired by Power Rangers, although the player does not need to have any familiarity with that TV series to...

  3. The Supper

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    Free adventure puzzle game

    Octavi Navarro, the brains behind the critically-acclaimed short games Midnight Scenes and The Librarian, drops another delicious treat for adventure fans....

  4. Enter a dog's world in Balthazar's Dream

    Balthazar's dream is a puzzle-platformer game in which you explore the strange and charming world of a dog's dreams. In this game, you play Balthazar, a...

  5. Free Game For Puzzle Lovers

    Can You Escape – Holidays is a locked room puzzle game that takes the different holidays from around the world as its theme. The rooms range from a frosty...

  6. A VR fighting and puzzle game

    Final World drops you in a reasonably large city that is mostly made up of ruins. You are given brilliant character movements, character-design details, and...

  7. Free Game for Puzzle Fans

    Fishdom Mania is a brightly coloured and vibrant puzzle game that is available to play free of charge. The game features an aquatic theme and offers a large...

  8. Family

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    Unique puzzle game

    Family is a free and extraordinary puzzle game developed by Owl_Skip for desktop. In this detective game, you will unravel the history of the London pop...

  9. Sudoku style word puzzle game

    Hive Mind is a Sudoku-style puzzle Metro app for Windows 8. The aim is to fill a hexagonal grid called the Hive with letters from a seven letter word.There's...

  10. Another Able Variant of a Popular Puzzle Game

    Minesweeper BF is a classic Minesweeper game wherein the goal is to find out all the mines there are without exposing them. If you end up uncovering a mine...

  11. Free surreal VR puzzle game

    In this game your senses will be taken on a journey in to the unknown. Strange, unusual and unfamiliar sights and sound await at every twist and turn.

  12. Cute Game for Puzzle Fans

    Water Bears VR is a simple yet engaging puzzle game that has been created especially for children. The main aim of the game is to free a series of cute and...

  13. Play Simon and test your memory in this adaptation for Windows 8

    Color Memo for Windows 8 is a game that makes you use your visual and auditory memory. It's an adaptation of Simon, a circular, electronic board game shape...

  14. Imaginative Game for Puzzle Lovers

    Tilted Mind is a puzzle game that comes with a detailed and powerful storyline. The story takes place in a VR world where a professor has died and players...

  15. Hunt for the Greatest Treasure Via Tetris With This Funny Puzzle Game

    Pirates of First Star is a puzzle adventure game where you'll have to explore the world and battle others to solve the great mystery of the legendary First...

  16. Cool Game for Puzzle Fans

    Rangi is a puzzle game with a cool twist. Rather than simply exploring a series of rooms in search of puzzles to solve, players also get the chance to get...

  17. A free toy based puzzle game.

    The aim is to free Amy’s toys so she can play. This is done by matching two or more blocks of the same colour. Each time you do this, the blocks are...

  18. A free app for Windows, by Scythe Dev Team.

    King's Comfort is a free program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Puzzle'.


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    Thrilling pixel-designed puzzle game

    BOMBASTIC is a free immersive puzzle platformer game developed by NOWARE Games. Here, you’ll play as the bomb figure, named Spidey, who brings explosive...

  20. Salagander

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    Free puzzle-platformer game

    Salagander is a two-dimensional puzzle platformer game with nostalgia-inducing 8-bit graphics. It was created by an independent developer, MrMandolino. Your...