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  1. Free and professional webcam recording software for personal computers

    Soapbox for Chrome is a free software bundle that provides superior webcam recording capabilities alongside a host of fully customizable options. This can be...

  2. Full featured audio manager with recording, mixing and editing tools

    Magix have a long history of experience in the MP3 business and MAGIX MP3 reflects much of this.MAGIX MP3 is an all-round solution that aims to provide music...

  3. Toolkit for converting, dividing, joining or recording MP3 files

    APEv2 tag support in Tag editor, Multi Tagger and album info Audio system rewritten for BASS 2.4 and implemented a main mixer channel Sample display...

  4. Muvixer
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    Change the recording input on your game chats

  5. Advanced screen recording software

  6. Practical calendar for recording events

    If you're looking for a discreet and effective calendar for your desktop then Rainlendar might fit the bill. You can customize Rainlendar with skins and also...

  7. Quick and efficient recording suite

    When it comes to recording CD and DVD, Nero is probably the first name that comes to our heads, but that doesn't mean it is the only tool we can use. Droppix...