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SACRED is a huge world full of incredible magic and ancient myth

Sacred is a handy, trial version Windows game, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Role Playing.



Best Sacred downloads

  • Sacred Gold


    Magical and mystical role playing game for PC users

    • PROS: This game offers a unique and highly flexible character-based storyline, The graphics are quite impressive for a game released in 2000
    • CONS: Multiplayer mode is currently only available with a local area network connection, This game is not suitable for those below 12 years of age
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  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


    Sacred returns with a vengeance

    • PROS: Enhances the original version with far more features, Beefed up sound effects and graphics
    • CONS: Requires a more powerful graphics card than the original, Not much continuity from the original
    57 votes
  • Sacred 3

    Is nothing sacred?

    • PROS: 4 player multiplayer, Solid combat, Nice world, Dedicated voice work
    • CONS: Grating script, Repetitive and linear, Too much grinding
    6 votes
  • Sacred 2 Gold


    An RPG fill of fighting, collecting, leveling and exploring

    • PROS: Explore in any direction and keep going and going and going, A massive amount of side missions on a huge map
    • CONS: Sacred III has better graphics and more character tailoring, Learn the hotkeys or your clicking finger will start to ache
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