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  1. Sing to the lyrics of songs in your iTunes

    Sing That iTune! is one of the best lyric fetching tools you will find on Mac. It's clean, fetches the lyrics automatically for you and interacts well with...

  2. Free comprehensive bugfix patch for Skyrim - Legendary Edition

    Skyrim - Legendary Edition - Unofficial Patch is a free, comprehensive patch of almost all bugs in Skyrim: Legendary Edition. This includes content from the...

  3. Convert PDF files quickly and easily

    PDFMate PDF Converter is a computer application designed to convert PDFs to a number of different file types. Whether you work in Word, EPUB, HTML, Text, JPG...

  4. Save MP3 or WMA sound files from your movie sound tracks

  5. View unprocessed WinMail.Dat files

    Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition is a tool that allows you to view Winmail.dat files. Microsoft Exchange and older Microsoft Windows Outlook programs used to...

  6. A free app for Android, by Handy tool studios.

    EasyScanner - Free Files Scan PDF Save Share is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  7. Recover files from your Apple device

    GizmoRip is a useful desktop app that lets you backup the files on your Apple devices onto your PC.Losing data on your PC due to a hard drive failure can...

  8. Your phone is important, keep it clean!

    Your mobile device helps you with keeping organized, viewing media and with life in general. Normal activities can make your phone a mess and impact its...

  9. Free Disk Analysis and Clean Up Tool

    Disk Cartography - Clever Disk Space Analyzer is a free application, developed by 508 Software, which can be used to scan and map any disk drive or memory...

  10. WinDeDup

    • 2.9
    • (3 votes)

    Save space by removing duplicate or obsolete files

    It's amazing how much space you can save on your hard drive by getting rid of duplicate files or those that are out of date, as this program proves.WinDeDup...

  11. A tool for creating and experimenting with particle emitter classes

    Particle Playground is a tool for developers who wish to customize native Apple iOS particle emitter classes such as CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell. Drag...

  12. Desk Lamp

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    Save Spotlight searches and rate files for easy tracking

    Desk Lamp is an awesome, trial version Mac software, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Launchers & Desktop.

  13. Anyfile

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    Edit code easily with Anyfile

    Anyfile is a code editor that allows users to open, edit and save code text files of any format. In addition to this, it's lightweight, fast and easy to...

  14. Enhance Windows native screen capturing tool

    Why install a third-party screen capturing application when you can use the Print Screen key? This is probably what the CapTrue developer thought and that's...

  15. Move and Backup Your Steam Games

    Steam is a popular app among PC gamers. This distribution software allows users to download applications in their computers. However, although it continues...

  16. Characters

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    Compendium of Special Character to Insert Within Text Files

    It can be tricky to find special symbols such as a copyright sign when working with mainstream programs including Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. This...

  17. General Email Viewer

    OutlookAttachView is an email client by NirSoft. The freeware provides increased productivity when it comes to managing emails from Microsoft Outlook. It is...

  18. Cloud

    • 4.1
    • (17 votes)

    Simple way to share and save files in the cloud

    Cloud lets you easily share and save files on the web. It's ideal for images, links, music and video.Once installed, Cloud sits neatly in your menu bar at...

  19. Save all your calls

    Call Recorder is a communication app that will let you record all of your calls just in case you miss anything important. It will be able to save your...