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  1. Free defragmenter from the creators of CCleaner

    Defraggler is a powerful defragmentation tool developed by the same people as Recuva and the almighty CCleaner.Defraggler is easy to install and gets...

  2. A Comprehensive Project Management and Scheduling Tool

    GanttProject is a free project management and scheduling app for OSX, Windows and Linux. Regardless of your level of expertise in project management theory...

  3. PNotes

    • 3.2
    • (177 votes)

    Excellent sticky note software for your desktop

    PNotes is highly customizable, flexible and free sticky note software that will allow you to keep your tasks and to-dos visible and on-schedule.If you have...

  4. Schedule your meetings easily

    Calendly: Meeting Scheduling Software is a helpful scheduling software and web add-on that will let users schedule important meetings without the hassle of...

  5. Schedule the execution of multiple tasks

    If there are regular tasks that you need to perform on your PC - such as defragging and system backups - it's easy to forget to do them when there are...

  6. GFI Backup

    • 4.1
    • (47 votes)

    Complete backup and syncing tool

    GFI Backup is a useful tool that helps PC users preserve all the files that are important to them on their computer.No matter how safe and stable your system...

  7. Backup Software for Home Use

    Now you can get the same great backup software from a leader in the industry free with Veeam Backup Free Edition. Perfect for home use or small businesses...

  8. Automatically download all attached files from your email inbox

    Mail Attachment Downloader, as you can tell from its name, is a handy tool that downloads all the attached files from the messages in your email account.You...

  9. Calendar

    • 3.9
    • (63 votes)

    Calendar - Manage your day effectively, for free!

    Calendar is a simple scheduling application that does exactly what its name says! Each month features an image and users can use their own images if they...

  10. Portable defragmenter with support for individual folders and files

    Portable Defraggler is a powerful defragmentation tool developed by the same people as Recuva and the almighty CCleaner.Portable Defraggler is easy to...

  11. Optimize the performance of your HDDs and SSDs

    PerfectDisk Free Defrag is a free defrag and optimization tool for hard drives and solid state drives alike.While there are plenty of disk defragmentation...

  12. A complete download manager with support for YouTube

    GetGo Download Manager can make things a bit lighter on all those download junkies out there.This full featured download manager takes care of all your...

  13. email marketing software, bulk mailing software, email verifier, twitter poster, email extractor, email scheduling software

  14. Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

    Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management is one of the Top Open Source Projects on GitHub that you can download for free. In this particular...

  15. Photo Backup

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    • (No votes yet)

    Backup your photos to CD

    Digital cameras make photography so easy and fun that you usually end up with thousands of images on your hard drive, many of them being unforgettable...

  16. Create quick backup copies in the background

    Backup copies are the kind of thing you always leave for later and then regret you didn't create before. Don't you think it's time to put an end to this...

  17. Note Mania

    • 3.4
    • (34 votes)

    Easy yet full featured personal information manager

    I must admit it: unless somebody is constantly on me, reminding me all the upcoming important events and tasks, I tend to forget my term paper's due date...

  18. Low-effort, simple PC maintenance

    Norton PC Checkup is a very simple, low-effort application to keep various aspects of your PC in perfect condition.While most of us have a PC these days, not...

  19. Automatic backup copies and data syncing

    Backup copies are the kind of thing you always remember to do when it's already too late. So next time you complain about losing important data, think about...