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  1. Guide a tribe of castaways

    In the third chapter of this simulation series, you guide your tribe as it populates a new part of Isola. Virtual Villagers offers you the chance to develop...

  2. A game that lets you live the movie-star life

    Stardom: The A-List is a game that takes you on a journey from being a nobody to becoming a star. Get rich and popular by starring in television shows and...

  3. Become a heavy machinery mogul

    Construction Simulator 2015 puts you at the helm of 15 different types of advanced machinery, making you prove your skills at controlling heavy...

  4. A Full Version Emulators game for Mac

    Construction Simulator is a popular, full version game only available for Mac, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Emulators and has been...

  5. Snowboarding comes to your Mac

    Slope Rider is an amazing, trial version Mac game, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Simulation.

  6. Contract Demon

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    Follow a funny love story in this free VN

    Contract Demon is a free simulation video game that lets you see a sweet hellish romance take place. Developed by NomnomNami, this 2D indie visual novel is...

  7. Paper Boats

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    Send your messages via the ripples

    Paper Boats is a free simulation video game that lets you take a break and just send kind words to random strangers. Developed by Harry Alisavakis, this...

  8. Your perspective is your art brush

    The Catacombs of Solaris is a free first-person simulation video game that lets you create cool abstract art on hallways. Developed by Ian MacLarty, this is...

  9. Dying of Thirst

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    Rehydrate in the middle of the night

    Dying of Thirst is a free simulation video game wherein you must get a glass of water in the dead of night. Developed by Pizza Party, this 3D first-person...

  10. Create a World of Your Own in World of Cubes Survival Craft Multiplayer

    World of Cubes Survival Craft Multiplayer is a free-to-run open sandbox game in the style of Minecraft. Explore a world and gather minerals to build your own...

  11. Manage your crops in Hobby Farm

    Hobby Farm is a time management game in which you play Jill, the proud owner of a new farm. You'll need to harvest crops, care for animals, and operate a...

  12. LBreakout

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    Another version of the original breakout

    Most people may know this sort of game as Arkanoid, even though Breakout came out first in the 70s for Atari. LBreakout is an alternative to the game, with...

  13. Hit the Roads in Mr. Transporter City Driver 3D

    Mr. Transporter City Driver 3D is a free driving game where you must transport goods along busy roads. Carry a range of items to your destination without...

  14. Happiness can grow on trees (or by building parks and decorations)

    City Island 3, the latest in this city-building game series, aims to improve on and refresh the concept with some upgrades and additional features.

  15. Tiny Rails

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    Free Game for Simulation Fans

    Tiny Rails is a simulation game that outs players in charge of managing their own railway. Unlike most simulation games that seem to take themselves rather...

  16. Food Force

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    Charity and strategy meet in this UN sponsored game

    It's not often that developers take on a humanitarian issue and use it to create a game - that is unless it involves "peace keeping" that require the death...

  17. Excellent F18 landing simulator game

    F18 Carrier Landing tests your skills landing an F18 on an aircraft carrier. With only 500 feet (150 meters) of runway to land and stop your jet on, it's an...

  18. Play a key role in development of the USA during the 19th Century

    The 19th Century was a time of great progress in America as it began to fully develop an infrastructure that has served it well to this day. This is your...

  19. Create a film star in the free game Stardom: Hollywood

    Stardom: Hollywood is a free-to-play game where you create a film star and control their career. Choose acting roles for your star; if you make the right...