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  1. Early access e-sport management game

    Pro Gamer Manager 2 is an early access simulator game. Build and develop a team of pro gamers as they compete to become the number one e-sport team in the...

  2. InnerSpace

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    Cool Game for Simulation Fans

    InnerSpace is a flight simulation game that puts players in the pilot’s seat and gives them a vibrant and diverse world to explore. The main premise of the...

  3. Follow the misadventures of the Ever Given

    Totally Accurate Suez Canal Training Simulator is a free simulation video game wherein you get to reenact how the Ever Given got into the Suez Canal....

  4. Free and Realistic Crane Simulator Game

    The Little Crane That Could is a free app, developed by Abraham Stolk, which places players in control of a mobile crane. The basic premise is to use the...

  5. Take a sip from a lovingly-crafted drink

    Love Goes Toward Love is a free dating simulation video game wherein you have to battle both work, drama, and romance. Developed by TeamANPIM, this 2D visual...

  6. Tennis Ace

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    Become the best high school tennis player

    Tennis Ace is a free dating simulation video game wherein you aspire to become a professional tennis player after high school. Developed by WOTB, this visual...

  7. Drive your own industrial vehicle, for free!

    Industry Transporter 3D is a fun and addictive game that requires the player to manoeuvre industrial trucks around a simulated construction site without...

  8. Live with cute monsters in this village life sim game

    Village Monsters is a quaint simulation video game that allows you to live a peaceful life in a village full of friendly monsters. Developed by Josh...

  9. Full Game for Physics Lovers

    Carried Away is a puzzle game that is driven by physics and plenty of imagination. The game takes place on a ski slope and gamers are charged with using...

  10. ESC

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    Welcome to the simulation

    ESC is a free text-based adventure-like video game wherein you get to explore the strange digital circumstances of a futuristic world through its new...

  11. Snowboarding comes to your Mac

    Slope Rider is an amazing, trial version Mac game, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Simulation.

  12. My Koi

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    My Koi - The Koi Simulator App

    My Koi is an app that lets you simulate multiple koi across a number of virtual ponds. You generate them, collect them, nurture them and watch them grow....

  13. If you love culinary dining, get involved in The Cooking Game - it's free!

    Whether you can't get enough of the restaurant experience or you simply love food, The Cooking Game offers you the chance to build a restaurant business from...

  14. Good Dog

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    Being a dog is easy

    Good Dog is a free and wholesome simulation video game wherein you get to become a therapy dog at a hospital. Developed by Marafrass and rnoelliams, this...

  15. RockRobin

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    Free otome simulation game

    RockRobin is a rock band simulation game from created by indie developer Happy Backwards. This game follows a girl named Robin who was the lead vocalist...

  16. A Unique Game That’s Built Keeping Shoppers in Mind

    Shopping Mall is a fun game where you can create your very own shopping mall that’s replete with clothing stores, beauty salons, spa, fashion boutiques...

  17. Look After A Virtual Farm On Your Own Time.

    Hobby Farm Free is a free farming simulator in which you take the role of an observer helping with a rapidly-growing farm full of colourful flowers, machines...

  18. Meet your new, pixelated pet!

    Need some company? A present for You can help you with that. It's a desktop application with a set of peaceful and adorable virtual pets. Much as in real...

  19. A free flight game you’ll enjoy if you’re into planes

    Plane Control Lite is a fun and simple game that belongs to the line drawing gaming genre. If you get excited by the very thought of flying planes, you would...

  20. Run a Virtual Supermarket in Supermarket Management Free

    Supermarket Management Free is a management sim in which the player takes control of Kate, a young woman who has suddenly found herself in charge of a...