StarCraft II

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty 1.2.1 17682

Epic sci-fi real time strategy


  • Excellent single and multiplayer modes
  • Great graphics
  • Varied missions


  • Complex for beginners

Best StarCraft 2 downloads

  • StarCraft 2: Starter Edition

    Play StarCraft 2 free on Mac

    • PROS: Play StarCraft 2 for free, Good 3D graphics, One player and multiplayer mode, Dynamic gameplay
    • CONS: Limited missions in this free edition
    40 votes
  • Build Player for StarCraft 2


    A fee app for creating StarCraft 2 builds

    • PROS: It explains why some strategies work, Use it in conjunction with your game on your PC while you play
    • CONS: It goes out of date whenever Blizzard add a new patch to StarCraft 2, Some builds are a little dated and only useful for beginners
    No votes yet