Download Subtitles - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is software which can be used to edit movie subtitles and make the subtitles into the film.

  2. ffmpegX

    Lion r2 0.0.9y
    • 3.2
    • (153 votes)

    Turn your DVDs to DivX, MPEG, VCD and XVCD

    Important Note: There are now two versions of this encoder: ffmpegx for OS X 10.7 Lion users and ffmpegx for OS X 10.3-10.6.When there were barely any decent...

  3. Submerge

    • 2.9
    • (52 votes)

    Enjoy permanent subtitles

    Having to import your subtitle files every time you want to watch your favorite movie is a hassle. Submerge is here to help you get rid of that tedious task...

  4. OSCAR

    • 3.8
    • (18 votes)

    Automatic download of subtitles for films

    OSCAR is a useful application for downloaders that automatically search subtitles for movies in If you're tired of never finding the right...

  5. Convert AVI files to DVD and burn them straight away

    If you have some AVI videos that you would like to watch on your TV as DVD movies, you need AVI DVD Burner. With AVI DVD Burner you can convert any AVI files...

  6. Re-synchronize Your Movie Subtitles

    So, you have downloaded a public domain movie online that comes with subtitles. A pretty neat deal, since the movie is not in your native language. However...

  7. Free video converter for multiple formats

    Free Video Converter is an audio and video converter that's simple to use although it is a bit slow.If you need to convert a video in AVI format or to play...

  8. iSubtitle

    • 2.9
    • (20 votes)

    Giving Soft Subtitles For Movies

    iSubtitle is a subtitles application created by Bitfield AB. The application lets users insert text on their movies and TV shows seamlessly.

  9. gSubs

    • 0
    • (No votes yet)

    Effortlessly search for your video's subtitles

    Subtitles make watching movies a better experience. With them, you can understand what you're watching even if the audio quality is not that great. However...

  10. MKVtools

    • 1.9
    • (11 votes)

    Tools to manage MKV and OGM files

    MKVtools is a collection of tools to manage and convert MKV and OGM video files. The main aim of it is convert mkv files into more user friendly formats that...

  11. Create, modify and synchronise your own subtitles

    Subs Factory is a free powerful utility that aims to make the creation, modification and synchronization of subtitles easy.There's nothing worse when you're...

  12. DVDSubEdit

    • 3.9
    • (25 votes)

    Simplify modify subtitles from your DVDs

    Added ability to modify the IFO clut directly from DVDSubEdit. Click a pixel tile, then shift-click in the CLUT display. Added a "zoom" window that can show...

  13. A Free (GPL) Home & hobby program for Mac

    Sears is a great, free (gpl) program only available for Mac and has been created by Booba Skaya.

  14. Lightweight But Powerful

    Lime Player is a multimedia player by the Lime Player Team. The video player is built as a lightweight application that plays most standard video formats...

  15. Rapid production tool for still image and audio web presentations

    Soundslides is a nifty tool that allows journalists, media professionals or even students to create smooth multimedia presentations. The program only takes...

  16. Remove The DRM from iTunes Movies And Rental Movies

    If you use the M4VGear DRM Media Converter to strip DRM from your movies then you are able to keep rental movies without them expiring and you may watch...

  17. SubsMarine

    • 3.5
    • (13 votes)

    Make finding movie subtitles even easier

    SubsMarine is a small app that will quickly and reliably find subtitles for your favorite movies and TV shows.This little app works very simply – use Scan...

  18. Mac Subtitle Editor

    There aren't many options for editing subtitles on the Mac, but fortunately Subtitles theEditor is a fairly comprehensive tool, providing you everything you...

  19. Rip your DVD movie collection to other video formats

    Easy DVD Converter lets you convert DVD to other popular video formats.This DVD ripping tool is quite easy to use. Load the disc in the DVD driver and open...