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  1. Play Sudoku on your Android device

    Sudoku is the perfect kind of game to play on your phone or PDA, and we've seen loads of versions of the puzzler released across the different mobile...

  2. Sudoku Daily

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    A Free Puzzle game for Mac

    Sudoku Daily is a free Mac game, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Puzzle and has been published by Jason Linhart.

  3. A game for puzzle fans

    Killer Sudoku is an addictive puzzle game for people who love to solve puzzles. The game is designed to be played on a single screen. The game is simple...

  4. A colorful way to play Sudoku

    There are seemingly endless variations of Sudoku out there - but Color Sudoku is slightly more unusual than most. Color Sudoku does away with numbers and...

  5. Crosswordle

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    Wordle meets Sudoku

    Crosswordle is a free word game developed for web browsers. This is a game based on the popular online word puzzle Wordle. However, it deconstructs the...

  6. Sudoku taken to complicated extremes

    If you think you've seen it all when it comes to Sudoku then think again. 3Doku quite literally gives the traditional Sudoku format a third dimension. 3Doku...

  7. McSudoku

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    Fun and Straightforward Sudoku Game for Personal Use

    McSudoku is a perfect application for fans of this engaging and challenging genre. While it contains the classic 9x9 squares, users can also choose variants...

  8. A free app for Android, by Infinite Joy Ltd..

    Sudoku - Free Classic Brain Puzzle Number Game is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Puzzle'.

  9. Move over Sudoku!

    Four Horsemen is a fun puzzle game for desktop PCs that runs on the Pokki platform.If you like a challenge with your PC games, Four Horsemen can give it to...

  10. Never again run out of sudoku puzzles to complete

    (heart) Sudoku is an application and game designed for desktop and laptop computers. It provides you with unlimited sudoku puzzles at varying difficulty...

  11. A simple alternative to Sudoku

    If you're sick of Sudoku then have you tried Sokoban? Ben Ruyl Sokoban is a resissue of the classic Japanese game Sokoban with more than 500 levels. The...

  12. Unique twist on the popular numbers game

    It's quite incredible how quickly Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games on the planet. It seems that whenever you get on a bus, train or...

  13. The thinking man's Tetris

    Block is like Tetris meets Sudoku. It's got the blocky-feel of Tetris but it's more of a slow-burning, thinking puzzle game, like Sudoku. The concept is...

  14. Hours of Sudoku fun for your Android

    If you're a Sudoku fan, check out Andoku Sudoku for your Android phone.With over 5,000 different puzzles, Andoku Sudoku is sure to keep you entertained for a...

  15. Get a Sudoku fix on your iPhone

    I don't know when or where it was invented, but somehow Sudoku has come from nowhere to become one of the most popular ways to while away a journey. What's...

  16. Sudoku puzzles for all ages

    Sudoku is one of the most popular crosswords of all times and has a wide audience of fans from all over the world. You need to make sure that there are...

  17. A free app for Android, by GAFV GAMES.

    Block Puzzle Sudoku is a free software for Android, that makes part of the category 'Puzzle'.

  18. Get stuck in to these challenging Sudoku puzzles