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  1. Put a to do list on your iPhone

    EasyTask Manager is a productivity app based on the 'Getting Things Done' method. It syncs with its sister apps on Windows and Mac, too.If you use the 'GTD'...

  2. Taskline

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    Optimize your task listings in Outlook

    Compatible with all current versions of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In

  3. The minimalist task manager comes to iOS

    Todoist is a minimalist to-do tool and task manager for iOS.If simple is your thing, you’ll love Todoist, an app that’s so simple, it’s practically Zen. Even...

  4. A free app for Windows, by Alternate Tools

    Alternate Task Manager is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities & Tools'

  5. TimeGT

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    Improve productivity with this powerful task manager

    If improving productivity is among your New Year resolutions, TimeGT can lend you a hand! TimeGT is a complete task management application that supports...

  6. An extended task manager for Windows

    The default Windows Task Manager has often been criticized for offering very scarce information about the currently active processes and apps on your system....

  7. Kill running Android applications

    Advanced Task Killer provides a very simple way to view which applications are currently running on your device then close any of them with the tap of a...

  8. Increase your android RAM, Task manager, Memory cleaner and android Optimization with RAM Speed Booster Memeory Cleaner

    RAM Speed Booster Memory Cleaner is a free app only available for Android, being part of the category Tools & Utilities and has been created by Cv.Karunia...

  9. Forget about the task bar

    Sometimes it's easy to get confused between all the Windows components such as Start Menu, Taskbar and System Tray. Say System Tray and many users will say...

  10. Get organised with this efficient task management system

    Support for mouse wheel navigation Faster animations

  11. Efficient desktop client for Remember The Milk

    If you have trouble remembering your own birthday, it's about time you get yourself a task manager.Remember The Task can be the tool you need, especially if...

  12. EtreTask

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    Simple task manager

    EtreTask is an amazing, free software only available for Mac, belonging to the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars & Planners.

  13. Today

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    iCal event and task assistant for Mac

    Today will come in handy to those of you that need to have a quick view of the tasks and events for the day. The application synchronizes perfectly with both...

  14. Stay on top of your tasks

    WeDo is a mobile app designed to help users manage their tasks and improve their habits. Essentially a to-do list for the 21st century, WeDo allows users to...

  15. A free program for Android, by PakSoftwares.

    Advanced Task Killer - Free is a free program for Android, that makes part of the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  16. A task bar on the ready

    You can use Exposé, Spotlight or the Finder to browse through files. With Fantasktik comes another way of looking through all your open applications, folders...