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  1. InFile Seeker is a practical tool designed to search for words or entire strings inside many text-based files.

  2. A free tool that places your PDF text in Excel files

    Free PDF to Excel Converter is a program that allows you to convert your PDF files into Excel files, which is a difficult task in most circumstances. That...

  3. A handy portable viewer that opens many file types

    Universal Viewer is a handy portable tool that lets you view a myriad of different file types all from one convenient location.Having different types of...

  4. A free USB Flash Drive manager for Windows XP

    This Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager only works with Windows XP, but there are plenty of other Microsoft USB Flash drive managers that work with different...

  5. Seeker
    • 2.4
    • (4 votes)

    Search your computer and replace text within any TXT files

    Added Special File Handlers for Word and Excel files Added Advanced Results display for Excel files (Displays the sheet and cell where items are...

  6. ASUS ZenLink For Windows 10 (Free)

    For users who want to transfer and sync files between devices and platforms, the ASUS ZenLink app for Windows 10 makes it easy and accessible. ZenLink...

  7. Crypt4Free

    • 3.2
    • (15 votes)

    Free files and text encryption software

    Crypt4Free is a good, free Windows software, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Encryption and has been created by Secureaction.

  8. PDF Builder

    • 3.5
    • (30 votes)

    FREE utility for creating PDF files from various file types including DOC, XLS, PPT, text, image, MS Access Reports, etc.

  9. URL extractor tool for PC

    Vovsoft URL Extractor is a URL extraction utility developed by Vovsoft for use on PC. With it, users can scan any file or folder to check for...

  10. MiniNotes

    • 3.5
    • (4 votes)

    Fast-track and organize text files on your desktop while you work

  11. Designed For R Statistical Language

    Tinn-R: Editor is a free Development and I.T. software developed by Ph.D. José Cláudio Faria and Philiphe A. R. Kramer. The language development and editor...

  12. Grep

    • 3
    • (1 vote)

    Find and search in very large text files

    Grep is a powerful, free Mac program, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Text.

  13. Search and replace text in multiple files and filenames

    There's nothing worse than having hundreds of files which are all named randomly, and finding what you want is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you...

  14. Full featured Notepad replacement with coding capabilities

    The standard Windows Notepad is a handy tool, but it certainly falls short of expectations for any task that goes beyond jotting down a few notes. If those...

  15. Convert between more than 3,000 measurement units

    How many yards are there in a kilometer? How do you say five hundred in Roman numbers? Is it cold at 40º Fahrenheit? You can now easily answer all these...

  16. Free PDF Converter

    PDF to Text Converter Expert converts PDF documents in editable text formats that can be used and modified in other applications.

  17. Displays a tip with information about MP3

    InfoTag Magic displays an informative tip on your screen when you hover your mouse over MP3 and plain text files. Although Windows already includes a similar...

  18. IgorWare Hasher calculates SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hashes for single files and text.