The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution 1.0.6

Sandbox Evolution really is an evolution in gameplay

There are a lot of games out there which claim to do something new. When you see the title ‘The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe’ you may well be dubious, but in fact it’s true! Okay, maybe not a universe, but it does let you craft worlds.

Akin to the 3D world shaper ‘From Dust’, this game lets you mould and craft the environment you play in, all with a fun and impressive pixel art style. For a change of pace and a game that truly feels different, this is ideal and it’s even free to play.


  • Excellent HD pixel art
  • Loads of control over how to shape the world
  • Plenty of game modes and new ideas


  • Takes some patience to learn and play
  • Can be buggy due to the complexity of the game

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