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Manage your time productively with TickTick

TickTick is a free mobile productivity and time management app that helps you create a task list and manage your time effectively. You can create lists of tasks, add them to your calendar, and break them down into itemised checklists. Customisable reminders stop you forgetting your appointments. The app allows you to customise its display with personal themes, making your task lists match your individual style. This is the free version of the app some features are unavailable unless you upgrade to the fuller-featured Pro version.



  • Map and calendar integration


  • Not all features available in free version

Best TickTick downloads

  • TickTick - To-do & Task List

    varies with device

    Accomplish your goals and increase productivity

    • PROS: Increases productivity, Voice and text input
    • CONS: Requires in-app purchases for certain content, In-app purchases costs are high
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  • TickTick

    Varies with device

    Free to-do list accessible over multiple devices

    • PROS: Share tasks for collaboration, Create checklists within tasks
    • CONS: Free version has daily task and attachment limits, Intelligent date and time entries not compatible across devices
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