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  1. IZArc2Go

    • 3
    • (48 votes)

    A portable version of the popular compressor IZArc

    Compressed archives are a handy way to share data online: they can contain multiple files and folders, and usually take less space.There are many compression...

  2. Violent sequel pumps up the volume

    2012's Hotline Miami was one of the games of the year, and one of the toughest. Does Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number live up to its predecessor? The simple...

  3. Work Like on a Local Volume, Every Time

    Information technology has really come a long way. Nowadays, people can access images, documents, and other important data anywhere using cloud storage. And...

  4. goPod

    • 3.4
    • (74 votes)

    Increases the maximum volume of your iPod

    goPod is a helpful, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Audio software with subcategory Music.

  5. Tune in to and record thousands of internet radio stations

    Tapin Radio is a simple internet radio streaming and recording tool with thousands of free online radio stations you can tune in to.The presets in Tapin...

  6. Allows applications to have totally separate volume levels

  7. Open the trunk and turn up the volume

    Fast & Furious is a free Windows software, belonging to the category Desktop customization software with subcategory Skins (more specifically Winamp Modern).

  8. Fast and accurate search for documents of similar content in any data volume

  9. Statistics for your IP traffic volume

    All known bugs in and earlier are fixed When shutting down RunCPM Service and before was listened to a PPP or PPPoE interface, the service might...

  10. Magnificent Ships: Volume 1 - Explore six fantastic vessels in amazing detail

    Harness the power of Virtual Reality to explore these incredible sea-going

  11. Top-Down Fantasy-Based RPG for PlayStation 4

    Volume is a top-down game that allows players to sneak around various environments and to steak useful gadgets along the way; ideal for fans of hide-and-seek...

  12. Have sweet dreams with your favorite music

    If you have your computer beside your bed, this simple tool can help you to get to sleep better and faster than the traditional sheep counting method. Sweet...

  13. Psst!

    • 3.3
    • (12 votes)

    Get rid of your Mac startup chime

    Psst! is a simple application that lets you adjust or mute the volume of your Mac's startup chime or startup sound. When installed, simply double-click...

  14. Magnificent Ships: Volume 2

    Magnificent Ships: Volume 2 continues the success of Magnificent Ships: Volume 1, allowing you to view mighty ships of the past and present sailing the waves.

  15. iVol

    • 4
    • (17 votes)

    Adjust the sound volume of your computer with your mouse

  16. Volume

    • 3.1
    • (34 votes)

    Turn this one all the way up

    Set in an abstract virtual world, Volume manages to remove the abstraction from stealth. In doing so it has turned what frequently felt like a mystical art...