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  1. Skyfire

    • 3
    • (113 votes)

    Free Android web browser with Flash support

    Skyfire, the audio and video-friendly browser for Android, has reached version 4, consolidating its position as a viable alternative many other browsers for...

  2. Get a Browser Made for Your Phone with Cake Web Browser

    Cake Web Browser is a free browser tailor-made for use on mobile devices. It provides an easy way to navigate search results by swiping the screen, while its...

  3. Online multiplayer FPS in your browser!

    BeGone is a free to play online first person shooter. It may only feature one map, but it's playable from your browser if you install the Unity browser...

  4. Another contender for the Android broswer crown?

    Finding the perfect browser for your Android is pretty much the smartphone Holy Grail. Give Infinity Web Browser a try and see how it shapes up.Looks and...

  5. A safer browser app for mobile

    Nowadays, the case of hacking personal data through WiFi networks and malicious websites is universally prevalent. Thus, you need to find a web browser...

  6. Free private browser for your device

    TOR Browser Private Web is a free web browser that prevents anyone from viewing your connections and knowing what websites you visit. This utility was...

  7. Free VPN and anonymous browser

    Tor Browser Bundle is an easy to setup package containing the free anonymous browser Tor. By using a VPN network, this bundle allows users to browse the web...

  8. An ultra fast, user friendly web browser

    Avant Browser's Ultimate version is a browser alternative for those who want to explore something beyond the mainstream web browsers.Based on Internet...

  9. Browse on your phone without annoying ads

    Adblock Browser for iOS and Android is an all in one app: an efficient web browser and a good way to block annoying ads on your mobile. With this app you...

  10. Get an amazingly fast and secure browsing experience. Download Super Web and experience the change.

  11. Transmute

    • 3.9
    • (20 votes)

    Sync bookmarks across all popular browsers

    Transmute is the standalone version of Transmute, a simple way to move your bookmarks from one web browser to another, especially if you don't want to mess...

  12. Firefox extension that adds some great developer tools

    Combined the Firefox and Seamonkey versions of the extension Fixed bugs: 'View Generated Source' did not work Added support for Firefox 3.5

  13. Camino

    • 3.9
    • (78 votes)

    Mozilla's other alternative to Firefox

    Looking for an alternative to Apple's Safari or Mozilla's Firefox? Then why not take a look at Mozilla's other offering, Camino.Camino evolved from being a...

  14. Stainless

    • 3
    • (15 votes)

    Innovative new browser with parallel sessions possible

    Stainless is a super lightweight browser that looks like Google Chrome but is much simpler and operates each tab independently. The advantage of this is...

  15. A much better web experience for iOS

    Dolphin Browser is a giant leap forward for web browsers. Previously on Android, Dolphin Browser has now joined iOS.When it comes to browsing the internet on...

  16. Browse The Web In Ways You Haven't Before.

    Sleipnir is an alternative web browser with no address bar. It offers a unique interface design giving lots of space to see pages with, and it can handle a...

  17. Fluid

    • 2.9
    • (20 votes)

    Use your web apps on your desktop

    With Fluid you can access all your web applications from your desktop.Ever used Prism or Webrunner? Just like these two applications, Fluid allows you to...