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  1. Fully featured web browser based on Internet Explorer

    The web browser market is continuously increasing its offer with more alternatives to big shots like Internet Explorer or Firefox. One of the latest...

  2. Peers

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    Improve Firefox built-in search tool

    Firefox has a built-in search bar on the top right corner that makes web search quite easy, but you can make it even faster with Peers. This Firefox...

  3. Secure your mobile with this antivirus, anti-theft and backup tool

    MYAndroid Protection is a security suite designed to help you guard against viruses, back up your contacts, and even find your phone if it gets lost.The...

  4. A network logging tool that doesn’t lie

    Network Logger Pro is a tool that records Internet connection outages, makes long-term graphs representing the traffic speed of your network, monitors IP...

  5. GTmetrix

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    A website performance metrics tool

    GTmetrix is a free web development utility that was developed and is being offered by GTmetrix. It serves as a tool to help users test out the speed and...

  6. HelpNDoc
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    Powerful and intuitive tool to create html help files and help web sites

    HTML Help topics will now always launch with the table of content opened Fortran 90/95 code generator Code generation export dialog enhancement: file name...

  7. Free educational web application

    Learning Catalytics is a web app owned by Pearson. The education and reference company is known for providing innovative print and digital education...

  8. Rapid production tool for still image and audio web presentations

    Soundslides is a nifty tool that allows journalists, media professionals or even students to create smooth multimedia presentations. The program only takes...

  9. Handy Tool for Social Interaction

    SocialEngine is software that allows users to create their very own social network to attract customers and interact with them in a unique way. Although this...

  10. Free web-page bookmarking tool

    Google bookmarks is a free service that enables anybody with a Google account to bookmark web pages. Unlike regular browser-based tools, Google bookmarks is...

  11. Feature-rich portable web browser with support for the Gecko engine

    If you're tired of your old web browser, try using alternatives which, despite not being very well-known, they work perfectly well. One of them is Sleipnir...

  12. A full version web apps

    Keyword Tool & Content Assistant is a full version web application , that belongs to the Utilities & Tools category.

  13. Password manager and web automation tool

  14. Helma

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    Fast and effective JavaScript development tool

    Brings a wealth of new features, both in the skin rendering framework and in the scripting department where it's been updated to Rhino 1.6

  15. Keep a database of sourced images from the Web

    If you do a lot of research on the internet it can be easy to lose your sources, making citing difficult! Image Co-tracker is an application that runs with...

  16. A tool to help you learn HTML programming

    Web-Design-Toy is a good, free software only available for Windows, being part of the category Development software.

  17. A free task manager tool for the web and mobile devices

    Nirvana is a task manager that both helps you manage your projects while also concentrating on how focused you are on each task. The developers have tried to...

  18. Checkbot

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    A web development tool that’s a must-have for any developer

    Most website developers will probably agree that developing a website is only one part of actually managing one. Once you’ve created your site, from the...

  19. A project management tool for very small teams

    Workboard is a tool you may download and use to control a project. You enter your specifications into the tool and create a project. Members of your staff...

  20. Free shot form content tool

    Web Stories is a blogging plugin by AMP. It lets you make interactive visual accounts that are incredible for websites. Stories are vivid, shareable, and...