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  1. Download Intel® RAID Web Console 3 for Windows*

    Free Download the latest official version of Intel® RAID Web Console 3 for Windows* (2.222 (Latest)). Make sure that this driver is compatible with your OS....

  2. Web conferencing tool for e-learning

    BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system tool developed by a community of software developers. This education and reference program is...

  3. Never mispell a word while web-browsing again

    Tiny SpellChecker is an inconspicuous little program that provides a notification whenever you've misspelled a word you've typed on your PC.Immediately after...

  4. View all of your web activities in Windows 10

    Web Activities is a browser extension offered by Microsoft. Using this extension, you will be able to view your web browsing activity across all of your...

  5. Defend Yourself On The Web, With Chrome And Some Help.

    The Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome is designed to improve your web security and privacy while using, you guessed it, Chrome. It does this by...

  6. translator
    • 4.2
    • (16 votes)

    Translate web pages with just one click

    translator is an amazing, free software also available for Android and Windows Phone, belonging to the category Browsers.

  7. A free app for Android, by whats web scan.

    Whats Web Scan Pro is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  8. Lightweight Web Text Editor

    Easy XML Editor is a development kit software by Richard Wuerflein. The software gives a simpler XML editing process for novice and advanced developers. It...

  9. Customizable menu with quick access to programs and Web

    Aqua Deskperience is a regular, trial version software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar...

  10. Pearltrees

    • 2.1
    • (2 votes)

    Organize the web visually

    Pearltrees is an extension for Google's Chrome browser that lets you bookmark your favorite sites in a uniquely visual way.If you're an avid web surfer...

  11. Open applications, files, web pages...all with one click!

    Tray Commander Lite is an awesome, free Windows software, that is part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer...

  12. Control the speed of video playback with Speedifier

    Speedifier is a useful tool for anyone who watches videos on the internet. The application allows users to reduce or increase the speed of video playback...

  13. Mobile and web e-signature service for fast contracts

    DottedSign is a versatile e-signature service that allows you to easily sign, assign, and manage documents online. Developed by Kdan Mobile, this...

  14. Load and compare data from SQL servers and Web pages

    Bug fixes

  15. Install the latest driver for HP touchsmart printer

    Download the latest and official version of drivers for HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer - C309n. This driver package is available for...

  16. Zoom in to or out from images on the web

    Remove addon bar text for Firefox 4

  17. Printee

    • 2.9
    • (9 votes)

    Select what you want to print from a web page

    We should all avoid printing web pages unless it's absolutely necessary. But if you do have to print one, use Printee and try at least to save paper and...

  18. Remove unwanted objects from web pages

    Some websites are prettier than others. Too many images, flashing ads and stupid banners all contribute to a really ugly website, but sometimes just closing...

  19. Capture complete web pages in Firefox

    Screen Capture Elite is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you take screenshots of web pages in several ways, and which has support for the recently launched...

  20. Bring the semantic web to Firefox

    The Evri Toolbar is an addon for your browser that gives you instant searches using, a beta search engine that offers very different kinds of...