WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer 1.0.9

Upload and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection.


  • Doesn't require using cables


  • Bare-bones design
  • Somewhat slow

Best WiFi File Transfer downloads

  • Wifi File Transfer - Feem

    http://tryfeem.comAt FeePerfect, we believe the greatest sharing is among WiFi buddies -- family, friends, co-workers who are already on the same local network.

    4 votes
  • WiFi Direct File Transfer

    Effective Application to Wirelessly Send Files to Multiple Devices

    • PROS: No existing wireless Internet connection is required to send or receive a file., The layout is extremely intuitive and will require no prior P2P sharing experience.,
    • CONS: Cannot transfer files in bulk. Each has to be sent one at a time., The present version (1.0) has not been updated since September 2012.,
    No votes yet