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  1. Online multiplayer FPS in your browser!

    BeGone is a free to play online first person shooter. It may only feature one map, but it's playable from your browser if you install the Unity browser...

  2. Cloning and Fusing Two Photos

    Selfie Clone Camera HD is an Image & Photo Apps developed by CAD CAM Macro. To operate the app, users take two pictures with their device’s camera either...

  3. Complete desktop overhaul with extra portable apps

    Cameo is a new Windows desktop environment that's based on Linux – but don't worry, you don't need to be a Linux geek.Cameo is very easy to install: all you...

  4. Migrate Windows apps and clone disks

    Hasleo Disk Clone is a handy utility tool that can migrate your Windows OS from one disk to another without the need to reinstall all the apps you have in...

  5. A full version program for Windows, by pepeizq's apps.

    Discord Tiles is a full version software for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  6. Win10PE SE

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    Live Windows emulation for PC

    Win10PE SE is a free utility made for PC by indie developer ChrisRfr. This tool allows users to create their own Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment)...

  7. Androck

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  8. Maximize specific app windows

    Maximize Always is a utility tool from 4dots Software. It enables you to automatically start or keep applications or windows maximized. This way you can save...

  9. Traymond

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    Send apps to your system tray

    Avoid taskbar clutter with Traymond. It is an open-source program that allows you to minimize any application or window to your system tray with a single...

  10. Performance Boost By Slimming Down

    Windows Slimmer is a Utilities software by Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd. The software trims down unnecessary processes running on computers. Some of the common...

  11. Stream music from the net to your mobile device or PC

    mSpot is a music cloud service that offers easy access to your entire music collection synced across smartphones and PCs/Macs. Unlike music streaming...

  12. The Easy Way to Manage an Android Phone

    Android Transfer for Windows attempts to simplify the process of organizing an Android phone with a range of management features. With Android devices being...

  13. Have four virtual desktops in your PC

    Sometimes you have way too many windows opened at the same time and a single desktop is simply not enough. What if you could multiply that space by...

  14. Delete unwanted apps from Windows startup list

    StartUpLite is a lightweight application that identifies programs that slow down your computer when you start up.When your PC starts to run slower than usual...

  15. Mac-like windows features for Windows 8

    Emcee for Windows 8 is a desktop customization program that allows users to view all of their open apps and windows in one easy to use interface.If you have...

  16. T3Desk

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    Manage apps and windows in a 3D desktop

    Who said your Windows desktop was limited to two dimensions? With T3Desk you can turn it into a fully three-dimensional space to manage apps and windows more...

  17. ServiceTray

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    A utility for managing Windows services

    ServiceTray is a free utility tool for PC devices running the Windows operating system. Developed by Core Technologies Consulting, this program allows users...

  18. ActiveWords

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    Turn words into different tasks and actions on Windows

    ActiveWords is a handy utility that can trigger different actions based on the words you write in any Windows application. In a way, ActiveWords turns words...

  19. Shock Startup

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    Manage startup apps for a faster Windows login

    Shock Startup displays all the applications that are configured to be run each time you launch Windows. Some of them are really useful, such as any kind of...

  20. Privatezilla

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    Ensure Windows 10 adheres to privacy policies

    Privatezilla is a security companion that can attend to the various privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10 nowadays such as logging users' activities. If...