Wing Commander 4: The Price Of Freedom

Wing Commander 4: The Price Of Freedom varies-with-device

Cool Game for Sci-Fi Fans

Wing Commander 4: The Price Of Freedom is an adventure game that takes place in Outer Space and features film clips starring a star studded cast of actors. Players need to complete a series of missions to prove that they have what it takes to save the day. Although Wing Commander 4: The Price Of Freedom was ahead of its time when it was first released in 996, today it feels a bit dated. However, with its full cast of colourful characters and a cool science fiction plot, fans of this genre a still likely to have a lot f fun.


  • Lots of missions to complete
  • Strong cast of interesting characters


  • Feels a bit dated
  • Not compatible with Windows 7

Best Wing Commander downloads

  • Wing Commander : Privateer


    A space adventure game with open-ended paths

    • PROS: You may choose a career and alter your gameplay accordingly, Try to make an honest living or try your hand at law breaking
    • CONS: The graphics are terrible because it is an early 90s game, Your assigned ship has truly awful controls that are very difficult to learn
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  • Wing Commander 3 Heart Of The Tiger


    Take part in a scripted movie where you choose the outcome

    • PROS: Real Hollywood stars are part of the game, The game/movie idea was new and unique at the time
    • CONS: It is a shame that the graphics and the movie footage are so pixilated, The non-linear story is fun but it doesn’t make up for the lack of gaming action
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