Download X For Mac - Best Software & Apps | 3

  1. Snappy App

    • 2.6
    • (7 votes)

    Simple free screenshot tool for OS X

    SnappyApp is a simple free screenshot tool for Mac which can automatically capture parts of your screen so that you can automatically pin it above all...

  2. MAME OS X

    • 2.9
    • (19 votes)

    A Mame port for Mac

    Have you ever been nostalgic for those games that you played as a kid such as 1942, Ghosts 'n Goblins and StreetFighter? If so, then you'll definitely love...

  3. TeXShop

    • 3.2
    • (24 votes)

    Preview files in Mac OS X

    Removed keyboard shortcut for "hard wrap", since pushing it by mistake can have drastic consequences. Added new Edit menu items: Substitutions...

  4. Neo Geo emulator based on the MacMAME source code

    GeoMAME for OS X is an awesome, free Mac game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Emulators.

  5. Apple X11

    • 3.2
    • (162 votes)

    Launch hundreds of X11 programs on Mac OS X

    If you've never heard of the X Window System then the first thing to realize is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft Windows.Rather, The X...

  6. Shoot the Pentipede to defend your crystal

    Apeiron X is a helpful, trial version Mac game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Arcade.

  7. iKey

    • 5
    • (3 votes)

    Create shortcuts to automate tasks in your Mac OS X

    Automation tools are useful if you need to speed a process up or you're constantly carrying out the same operation over and over again.iKey turns regular...

  8. Intelligent partitioning for Mac OS X

    Partitioning your disk is probably the best way to handle space on your Mac. You'll also need to do it if you plan on using separate sections of your disk...

  9. A Free Design & photography program for Mac

    QuickTime X Preferences is a helpful, free program only available for Mac and has been published by Megabyte Computing Solutions.

  10. OS X 10.7.3

    • 2.8
    • (32 votes)

    Update for Lion to 10.7.3

    Mac OS X 10.7.3 update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.It includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability...

  11. KisMAC

    • 2.8
    • (94 votes)

    Passive stumbler for MacOS X

    KisMAC is what I'd consider an advanced stumbler for Mac. If you're accustomed to sniffing out wireless networks near you, you will probably find KisMAC...

  12. Mac OS X 10.6.4

    • 3.4
    • (30 votes)

    Apple's official update for OS X 10.6.4

    Mac OS X 10.6.4 is an official update for Snow Leopard 10.6 and introduces a number of improvements. These include:Compatibility with some Braille...

  13. MacMame

    • 3.2
    • (6 votes)

    Turn your Mac OS X into an arcade game console

    MacMame is a handy, free game only available for Mac, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Emulators.

  14. All-in-One Software Utility to Clean Macintosh Computers

    CleanMyMac is a software application which allows users to optimize the performance of their operating system with a minimal amount of effort. Not only is it...

  15. Free archive utility for OS X

    Hamster Archiver is a free tool for compressing and decompressing files. It works with most major formats and is easy to use.Simply drag and drop the file...

  16. Memory Cleaner X is an app to monitor memory usage and clean up your memory.

  17. The official Mac OS X Lion desktop wallpapers

    Mac OS X Lion Wallpapers is a collection of stunning desktop wallpapers that will be included in the next release of Mac OS X.The background images included...

  18. A free music editor for OS X, Windows and Linux

    Ardour allows you to record a track, edit it, and mix it. The software is very complex and only suitable for people who have experience editing and mixing...

  19. 2D motorcycle platform game

    X-Moto is the kind of platform game you seldom find these days and that yet still remains enjoyable. In this 2D platform game your goal is to take your...