The Zork Anthology

The Zork Anthology varies-with-device

Action-packed single-player retro fantasy game

The Zork Anthology is a saga-based adventure game that was first developed in 1989. While it is one of the oldest games within this genre, many feel that it set the bar for the countless first-person games soon to follow. In-depth adventures, a nearly limitless number of worlds to explore and highly descriptive texts will all prove to be extremely appealing to anyone who is a fan of classic role-playing adventure games. The total file size of this package is only 26 megabytes.


  • One of the classic games within its genre
  • The bundle includes numerous adventures and two manuals


  • Graphics are extremely dated
  • Some may find the text interludes boring

Best Zork downloads

  • Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands


    High-quality production underpins a tidy puzzle game

    • PROS: High production values, Over 50 innovative and unique puzzles to solve
    • CONS: Requires multiple discs, Weak sound effects
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  • Return To Zork


    Interactive and entertaining first-person adventure game

    • PROS: Very realistic portrayal of other characters throughout the game, An immersive three-dimensional environment
    • CONS: Some of the puzzles are nearly impossible to complete, The graphics can sometimes appear to be choppy
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  • Zork: Grand Inquisitor


    Entertaining and intense classic point-and-click adventure game

    • PROS: A relatively small file size of 09 gigabytes, This package includes manuals soundtracks and a fictional history
    • CONS: The graphics could appear slightly clumsy, Audio and text files are only available in English
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