RSS feeds

What is RSS?

RSS means Really Simple Syndication, an XML-based method used to distribute content from websites all over the internet.

Softonic publishes part of it's contents in RSS 2.0 format. As webmaster, using RSS technology will let you embed part of Softonic contents in your web or RSS Readers, as for example the latest releases. As user, you will receive warnings of new content on your desktop as early as they are published.

How do I read information from an RSS feed?

To receive new content alerts on your desktop, you'll need an RSS reader. There are lots of RSS readers available and we recommend that you pick one from this list.:

Web publishing guide

If you embed the contents on your web page, we just ask you to point out that these are Softonic contents by adding the Softonic logo, or our name with a link to the Softonic homepage (Softonic)'s RSS Feeds

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