What are the best Apps to get Instagram Likes?

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Carl Ryan
Written on April 1, 2019
"Wow! they delivered real, quality likes and followers to my instagram account almost instantly. In this day and age, if you want a social media presence and are starting from scratch, these tools are a big help, and buzzoid really works!"
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    #1Royal Likes for Instagram

    Royal Likes for Instagram

    This app helps you identify ghost followers on your list so you can delete them and keep the right kind of followers. It also provides a list of the hottest hashtags so you can attract more people to your posts. *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*


    Xiang Wang
    Written on January 24, 2017
    "Slow, buggy and pulls in a lot of inactive followers. The app also would go down for hours at a time and even when it came back up, it didn't work properly. The developers obviously have some issues and I would recommend staying away until they have an app that actually works as intended. "
    May Deng
    Written on April 28, 2017
    "This app helped me get my first Instagram post with 5000 likes! It helped me manage my account AND taught me which hashtags to use for more visibility. "
    v. pabla
    Written on March 4, 2018
    "This aap is best, but it's not at play store. Finding from 2 days. "
    Joseph Mason
    Written on June 6, 2017
    "This app is very useful when trying to detect and get rid of ghost followers on your Instagram account. I like the fact that it gives me access to the hottest hashtags that I can use to attract more followers on my account. "
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    Plann is an Instagram planning and scheduling app that allows you to visually design your feed, edit images, review Instagram analytics, discover your best times to post, manage sets of hashtags, and more.

    Android, iOS

    Free- With in-app purchases

    Ethan Nichols
    Written on June 30, 2017
    "I wouldn't download or recommend the Plann app because it requires too many permissions which are not necessary to perform the function of planning and scheduling Instagram posts on your Instagram account. Also, while the app itself is "free" to download - there are in purchases in app which cost from $4 to $27. I don't like to download apps that require lots of permissions - nor would I download an app that cost money or has in-app purchases. "
    Albert Gomez
    Written on May 4, 2017
    "best way to get likes is to have a good looking instagram and this helps out a lot."
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    #3Get Instant likes

    Get Instant likes
    Get Instant likes is an app that helps you become more popular on Instagram by promoting usernames and hashtags. Its features include a huge database of popular hashtags. It is offered by SfSthetik Development Group.



    Catherine Martin
    Written on February 14, 2017
    "In order to get attention on instagram, you need to be on the top for a while. Like with any social network, this means getting attention. With this app, you can get all the attention you need...if you're willing to have most of those likes be fake, and have to pay for them anyway. I can't recommend it."
    Danielle Chen
    Written on May 2, 2017
    "This app has made me so popular! I went from a stupid 1.5 million followers to over 10 million in a little under 2 weeks! "


Did you know that 70% of Instagram posts aren’t seen? Instagram engagement is important to brands and influencers on Instagram, as Instagram has proven itself extremely valuable as an avenue for marketing and advertising. Considering that 59% of 18 to 29-year-olds use Instagram, there is no doubt as to why approximately 71% of US businesses use Instagram. Instagram’s ad revenue hit 6.84 billion US dollars for the first months of 2018 alone, almost half its ad revenue for the whole year of 2017. However, vanity metrics such as the number of followers and number of likes are not automatic indicators of the success of an Instagram page, as retention and repeat active user engagement are better indicators. 

Organic growth of an Instagram page depends on visual aesthetics, the use of various Instagram features such as stories and videos, geo-tagging, use of hashtags, and logistics such as time of posting to maximize the possible audience size. Research also shows that 65% of the top-performing brand posts feature products, and photos with faces get approximately 38% more likes. Nevertheless, the most-liked Instagram pictures are still dominated by lifestyle photos of celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner’s announcements about her daughter’s birth, and Beyoncé’s pregnancy.

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    Preview is an app that lets you make the most of your Instagram account with functionalities like edit, theme, caption, schedule, filter, repost, add tags, and more. It is developed by Preview App Pty Ltd. 

    Android, iOS

    Free- With in-app purchases

    Daniel McDonald
    Written on May 4, 2017
    "I downloaded Preview because I wanted to step up my Instagram game. And guess what? It worked! I received so many more likes when I started to schedule my posts, re-did my captions, and started to add relevant tags. If you take Instagram seriously download Preview!"
    Danielle Dunn
    Written on June 21, 2017
    "It doesn't directly help with getting likes. But it can help create better posts, and thus it is indirectly useful to getting more likes."
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    #5Free Likes & Views

    Free Likes & Views
    Free Likes & Views is an app that tells you what are the hashtags that will help you increase your post likes and account following. They are organized in categories so you can easily find the right tags for your photos and videos.



    Kevin Aguilar
    Written on May 8, 2017
    "I've recently gotten more involved in Instagram, but did not have a large audience to view my posts until after I used the Free Likes & Views app. The app does exactly as it says and I've had success with many of the unique tags provided that I would have otherwise not thought of. "
    Jerry Franklin
    Written on January 11, 2017
    "This is a phone app that is designed to help grow your instagram post likes. It comes with thousands of premade tags for your posts to help get a wider audience."
    Jose Weaver
    Written on April 11, 2017
    "I think this may help your problem you are having in some ways but in others no I can not see this really helping you getting likes or views."
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    #6Magic Tags to Get Likes for Instagram

    Magic Tags to Get Likes for Instagram
    Magic Tags to Get Likes for Instagram is an app that lets you search tags, captions, and comments that can help you get more exposure on Instagram. 



    Jane Austin
    Written on August 14, 2017
    "I'm getting into the social media craze, so I want to promote my Instagram profile by getting lots of likes. I grabbed this app to try to capture on this and get more likes. This app seems to do just that. It helps with tags, captions, and comments too."
    Adam Fisher
    Written on March 9, 2017
    "This app has worked great for me. I almost feel famous! Okay, maybe not famous but I get lots of likes now and have been able to increase the exposure of my posts across the social network."
    Silvia Cordero
    Written on September 27, 2017
    "Magic tags is a creative way to make Instagram more user friendly. A great way to b e able to customize Instagram. "
    lucia romero
    Written on March 9, 2019
    "In wich country lets download this app? "
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    #7Super Liker for Instagram

    Super Liker for Instagram
    Super Liker is an app that helps you get more likes on Instagram. It gives you likes on your posts while you discover and like photos from other users.


    Free- with in-app purchases

    Megan Salazar
    Written on April 28, 2017
    "Get more likes by using this app. Says it's magic, but we will see. If you are one of those people who needs likes, then give this a try."
    joan lee
    Written on April 26, 2018
    "I have used this app multiple times but it seems that it doesn't work anymore. Can anyone explain why or how I can fix it? It has only occurred to be a problem since 1 week ago."
    Coral Swift
    Written on October 26, 2017
    "Great! You can also get Instagram likes from here: getinstafollow.com/buy-instagram-likes"
    Lit Dreamz
    Written on September 6, 2017
    "Why is it not allowed in the U.S.?"
    Harold Bowman
    Written on February 4, 2017
    "This helped me to solve my problem, it ws able to get me likes on my photos which was my goal."
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    InstaTags is an app for getting and boosting Instagram likes and followers by helping you choose the right tags for your posts. It offers various tags which can be placed according to different categories.



    Debra Flores
    Written on June 18, 2017
    "This app is awesome! I'm new to Instagram and am using it to boost my business page. This app allows you to increase your following tremendously! There are a few rules that you must follow to increase your followers but it is overall very easy and resourceful."
    Fernando Pente
    Written on August 28, 2017
    "This is waste of time and money if you pay for it. "
    Marco Antonio Anaya
    Written on May 2, 2017
    "I found InstaTags very helpful in better promoting my Instagram. It really does help me get more likes on my Instagram page, in a legitimate way."
  6. 1126

    #9Likes for Instagram

    Likes for Instagram
    This app allows you to get more likes and followers on Instagram by enhancing the visibility of your posts with the most relevant hashtags. Just choose a category, select your hashtgas, tap 'Copy' and Paste into your Instagram pictures!



    Brian Bailey
    Written on January 30, 2017
    "I think "Likes for Instagram" is great for newer users, like myself, who are still learning their ways around the social media world. It provides real useful tips as well as making the idea of raising your Instagram followers and likes quite easy."
    Virginia Owens
    Written on September 24, 2017
    "Good option. Hashtags are so relevant to getting found on Instagram. This app helps narrow down effective hashtags. "
    Jessica Jones
    Written on June 1, 2017
    "This Android app looked hopeful for helping me get more "Likes" on my Instagram page. However, it contains ads and sometimes "likes" random posts, so I am not going to keep this app. I will look for something more suitable. "
    mad skills
    Written on January 23, 2019
    "I would like this app link...the #1 can someone please send me ...via gmail. koimaksammy@gmail.com..please. "
    mad skills
    Written on January 28, 2019
    "anyone????? "
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    #10Followers Track for Instagram!

    Followers Track for Instagram!

    With Followers Track for Instagram!, you can see who unfollowed you, who isn't following you back, who you aren't following back, optimize your posts to get more followers, and much more! It is offered by Component Studios.



    Free- with in-app purchases

    Raquel Blanco
    Written on January 17, 2017
    "Just opened that new shop and posting cute pictures of your baby in your product daily? Is it just not getting enough likes and views because you have only your grandma and college best friend added on Instagram? Have you then decided to go add thousands of people, but want an even follow/followed amount? Then check out Followers Track for Instagram! Easily access new followers and see the mean ones who just tried to get a like only to unfollow you immediately. "
    Jason Yi
    Written on February 14, 2017
    "If you're interested in tracking your outreach between you and your friends on Insta, this app is for you! I kinda love being able to be sneaky about seeing who isn't interested in my posts anymore."
  8. 1126

    #11Followers Pro For Instagram

    Followers Pro For Instagram

    Followers Pro for Instagram is the most popular app for Instagram community management. It provides analytics and insights that empower brands to understand their community and evolve creatively. 



    Rakesh Dutta
    Written on April 18, 2017
    "A great app for all Instagram users of shapes and sizes, especially ones that are looking to get more "Likes" on their pages. That being said, not all services from this solution are free, but I still think from personal experiences, users being okay with paying a couple of bucks for this, will not be unhappy!"
    Diana Huang
    Written on March 1, 2017
    "I think these kinds of apps are ridiculous. Why do people even care about the amount of followers they have? I guess it's good for people who are self-centered."
    Jay Stonez
    Written on August 31, 2017
    "Downloaded this app to see who were unfollowing me & blocking me without me knowing. I also use it for the secret admirers option as well. Been making great music for quite sometime now but hasn't been getting the right recognition for it. The app shows me all the celebrities that watch my profile thru the secret admirers option. I have everybody there from Meek Mill to Offset Birdman Island Records & Universal Records. Just let's me know i'm doing something right. Keep this comment in the archive I might be "BIG" someday. I recommend this app to anyone looking for positive results. -Stonez"
    José Antonio Camacho
    Written on March 25, 2017
    "I'm a music artist and I always struggled to find a way to promote myself online and Followers Pro For Instagram was a great way for me to do so.I have gotten a lot more fans because of using that app"
  9. 1126

    #12Get Insta Follow

    Get Insta Follow

    Get Insta Follow allows you to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. Engagement is one of the most important qualities of an Instagram account, and this service allows you to buy it. 


    Web, iOS


    Jerry Kelley
    Written on November 16, 2017
    "Who doesn't want to have more followers? Who doesn't want the adulation and compliments of the masses with their average lives? Now I can satisfy my extremely shallow vanity by using this resource to increase those likes. "
    Coral Swift
    Written on October 27, 2017
    "They provide you real Instagram followers and likes to increase your popularity, you need not provide any sensitive information to get increasing followers and likes. Also, you can get a free trial so that make you worry-free."
  10. 1125

    #13IG Flash

    IG Flash

    IG Flash is the perfect tool if you are trying to get more followers on Instagram: it will automatically like and comment pictures, and also follow users so your posts reach as many people as possible. 




    Philip Weber
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "I tried this out and I have to say it's not the best way to get likes or drive social media engagement. It tries to do the same thing Liker and other apps do, but this one seems lacking. I poked around in the apk and the code seems really inefficient and I wouldn't be surprised if it triggered red flags on sites like Facebook and twitter."
  11. 1123

    #14Get Like Get Followers Increase Followers

    Get Like Get Followers Increase Followers

    Get Like Get Followers Increase Followers is an app developed by Vaibhav Shah where users can create and save their own custom tags for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which they can use to earn more likes.




    ishanee patel
    Written on December 1, 2018
    "Get likes and followers is a best app for getting likes and followers on Instagram"

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Best Apps to get Instagram Likes
1Royal Likes for InstagramApps 1128 Paid
2PlannApps 1127 Free
3Get Instant likesApps 1127 Free
4PreviewApps 1127 Free
5Free Likes & ViewsApps 1126 Free
6Magic Tags to Get Likes for InstagramApps 1126 Free
7Super Liker for InstagramApps 1126 Free
8InstaTagsApps 1126 Paid
9Likes for InstagramApps 1126 Free
10Followers Track for Instagram!Apps 1126 Free

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