What are the best action games on Android?

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Brave Browser

Joe Hawkins
Written on March 19, 2019
"When I want to play games directly in my browser, I always use brave! To me, it definitely loads everything faster, plus, it's anti-tracking so no spies or corporations get info about what I do online"
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    Hearthstone is a card game available for different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Players can collect cards, prepare your deck, and battle it out with other players. This card-based game is set in the Warcraft universe. 


    Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Echo Xia
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Hearthstone is one of the best games ever made, that includes when playing it on Android. It's one I avoided playing for a while, it seems too involved and complicated. While it can get involved, it's easy to pick up and one I highly recommend trying."
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    Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang and Markus Persson. Released in 2009, this game became the best-selling computer game with over 29 million copies sold worldwide. Available on various platforms.


    Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS , Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4, GameStop


    Muhammad Jhadav
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "Minecraft isn't the best definition of an action game. When people play Minecraft, they're looking to take it easy and relax. There are some waves of action depending on if you're looking for it but overall, it's not your go to for adventure."
    Richard Reyes
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "This is one of the best action games on android"
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    #3Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO
    Pokémon GO is a free Pokémon game for Android and iOs devices. The game requires the player to actually move around in order to catch Pokemon. Visit PokeStops and Gym to discover rare Pokemon.

    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Harold Alvarez
    Written on November 22, 2017
    "I may have ended up in a dodgy part of town because I was more focused on chasing an eevee than where I was going. All good though. Pokemon themselves seem to be fairly random and capable of popping up no matter where you are. Pokestops and gyms are more common in more populated areas, though, so if you live in the middle of nowhere you might end missing some stuff. "
    Dennis Bradley
    Written on November 23, 2017
    " Pokémon GO is such a fun game. I downloaded the game and really enjoyed playing the game."
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    Badland is an award-winning adventure game offered by Frogmind. This is available for Android users and to iOS users with iOS 8.0 or later. This is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Apple TV.


    iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Android


    Adam Fisher
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Badland is a great game for Android. The graphics are really good and the game is very unique. I've played it for hours."
  2. 2

    #5Goat Simulator GoatZ

    Goat Simulator GoatZ
    Goat Simulator GoatZ is the continuation of the Goat Simulator series where players take the role of a goat surviving in a zombie infested world by utilizing crafting aspects. It costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

    Android, Windows, Mac, iOS


    Eugene Phillips
    Written on November 22, 2017
    "Goat simulator the original was super good, so playing it on an android device with some cheeky gameplay on top of it is hilariously ridiculous. Great game for a pretty cheap amount of money."
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    Pac-Man is a maze-themed arcade game designed by Toru Iwatani of Namco. It was first released in Japan as Puck-Man in May 1980. Players navigate Pac-Man through a maze containing dots, known as Pac-Dots.


    Web, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Android


    Amber Tian
    Written on December 4, 2017
    "I have loved this game since I was a kid and now I can play it on my phone! Love this app and would recommend to all PAC-MAN fans. It is challenging and nostalgic and just great!"
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    Threes! is a puzzle game that will put your brain to work! This addictive game is focused on making simple calculations by placing numbers together in a grid.


    iOS, Android


    Diana Herrera
    Written on November 28, 2017
    "I love this game! It's fun and makes you think. I play it whenever I need to pass the time. "
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    #8Riptide GP: Renegade

    Riptide GP: Renegade
    Riptide GP: Renegade is a futuristic racing game for both Android and iOS, Xbox One and PC in which you have to drive unreal motorized vehicles at illegal courses. The game offers a carrer mode and multiplayer races. 

    Android, iOS, Xbox One, Windows


    Terry Oliver
    Written on April 14, 2018
    "This was marked as action and racing so I was expecting a Road Rash sorta vibe from it. But that's not even close, I guess the action is just crashing during a race, I don't really feel like that sounds. It's a good racing game though, but there is very little action to it so I can't really recommend it based on what tags it has chosen."
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    #9Sea Battle 2

    Sea Battle 2

    Take part in dangerous and amazing sea battles using ships, airplanes, submarines, and many more weapons. Make sure to sink your opponent's whole fleet, and play against commanders from around the world. 


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Evelyn Romero
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "This game is great and you can play with people from all over! I love how similar it is to the original, it just irritates me that sometimes it freezes up and I get booted off. But overall I love this game, and the fun thing also is that you can chat with people while you play! Yes it has a built in chat feature, and I really like that because it just makes it much more fun to play."
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    #10Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt 8: Airborne is a racing game developed by Gameloft in 2013. It is suitable for fans of extreme arcade racing, with real dream cars and phenomenal graphics that will also please racing simulation enthusiasts. 


    Android, iOS, Windows, Facebook

    Free- with in-app purchases

    John Soto
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "I love racing games and Asphalt 8: Airborne fills my need to RACE! The graphics looks amazing on my Galaxy Note 8 and I play this whenever I have free time. It is my go to game to have a great time. The controls are easy to learn and you'll be playing and having fun in no time."
    Zhu Foo
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "A game with stunning graphics for a mobile game. But it doesn't really fit with the topic. This would be a racing game, not an action game. Enjoyable but not relevant."
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    #11Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc. is a simulation game that requires strategic skills and revolves around the idea of survival of the fittest. Player's aim is to put an end to human history by infecting a disease and eventually make it a plague.


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Hemant Patel
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "I used to play this when it was just called "Pandemic". It was a silly flash game then. This is so, so much better. I only wish it wasn't just fantasy, and I could actually infect and kill billions of people. I was just born in the wrong time, and the wrong continent. I'm looking at you, Madagascar."
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    #12Flipping Legend

    Flipping Legend

    Flipping Legend is an action game developed by Noodlecake Studios for iOS and Android. Play with powerful heroes and unlock all their abilities and secrets to become a flipping legend.


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Jessica Russell
    Written on December 3, 2017
    "Action games have always been one of my favorite types of games to play. I saw Flipping Legend on a list of best games to try on Android so I gave it a try. After a few hours of game play I got a bit bored though. Average game at best."
    Joshua Chavez
    Written on July 20, 2018
    "A simple and addicting idea, brilliant game for every age people."
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    Skullduggery! is an action physics based platformer where you are a Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull employed as a collection agent for the IRS. Play in Single Player mode with 24 levels or in Multiplayer Head to Head mode with a variety of brain-pounding arenas.


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Austin Nelson
    Written on November 24, 2017
    "I think this game is pretty good. I love the art style and the overall look of the game. Really adds to the experience. The gameplay is fine but not amazing or anything. There are other games similar to it that I am sure are better but for what it is the game is pretty fun."
    Marco Antonio Anaya
    Written on November 30, 2017
    "Skullduggery! was a game that I picked up after seeing a friend playing one day at work. I thought that it would be a nice game to play while killing time. While the game was moderately fun, there were more bugs than I like with a game. "
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    Limbo is an adventure and indie game developed and published by Playdead. It was released on Aug 3, 2011, and is available with different platforms including Android, iOS, and more.


    Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux


    Samantha Brown
    Written on November 28, 2017
    "I've played Limbo on PlayStation and on my Android phone. it's a great puzzle game that challenges the mind. I love the simple grey scale graphics as well as how quiet the game is. If you're looking for action though this is not the game. "
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    #15Tomb Raider I

    Tomb Raider I
    One of the most famous video games is back in mobile version! Help Lara to find relics, and discover with her the mysteries of the Los City of Atlantis. It is an adventure game full of predators and centaurs.


    Android, iOS, Windows


    Lawrence McDonald
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "I have played about 4 hours of this game and i must say the controllers are the worst of any game i have played on mobile. There is no way to move back and forth without an awkward press of the button. I don't know if its just my phone but i dont think it is , the controls for this game are just bad . It needs to be remapped before i give it another shot. "
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    #16Gangstar Vegas

    Gangstar Vegas

    Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action game similar in style to Grand theft Auto, where your goal is to become the top gangster in Las Vegas, and to do so you will have to get rid of everyone who dares opposing you. 


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Barbara Jones
    Written on November 22, 2017
    "For the Android, this game is a edgy and not rated for children. It takes place in Vegas and will push you to your limit, stealing cars, fighting with rival gangs, there is something for everyone. Martial arts, car racing, shooting, Vegas landmarks, and with 80 missions there is always something to do. "
    Ronald Valdez
    Written on November 27, 2017
    "I definitely think there are better action games out there, but if you are looking for a gangster one that this is pretty good. It's similar to GTA, so play it if you like that game. "
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    #17Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is an adventurous open-world action video game for Android and iOS devices, and for PlayStation 2 console. It was developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North and was published by Rockstar Games.


    PlayStation 2, Android, iOS

    Check price

    Anthony Gibson
    Written on December 4, 2017
    "Spawned by the popular GTA series, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is an all new mission featuring the same environment and sounds as the original. Much like the other GTA games, it's fully 3D with great graphics and sound. Definitely worth the look"
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    #18Bruce Lee: Enter the Game

    Bruce Lee: Enter the Game
    Fight for justice as the greatest martial artist of all time: Bruce Lee. Defeat thousands of enemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-D action.

    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Heather Flores
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "Bruce Lee is a martial arts legend! Now, to be able to embrace the legend in this app, fills be with great awe and excitement. Whether I choose the endurance option, the fury mode for a burst of attack, or use a variety of weapons, the thrill of the game is endless. There are multiple skill levels, tons of enemies to attack and all while embodying the force that was Bruce Lee."
    Sean Hoffman
    Written on July 29, 2018
    "This is a free to play action brawler game for Android. It is based on Bruce Lee, and kung fu action films, and the art style is very appealing to a wide range of ages. This should be a fun for Bruce Lee fans and those who just want a fun action game to play on their phone or tablet."
    Christopher Rose
    Written on July 27, 2018
    "Fun throwback game featuring the greatest martial artists of the modern era. Be bruce lee be like water."
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    #19Tap Saiyan

    Tap Saiyan

    Tap Saiyan is a game application inspired by the anime Dragon Ball. It si developed by Singkong Labs. This game is suitable for all ages. 




    Jeffrey Miller
    Written on April 17, 2018
    "I know it's just a phone game, but even then it just lacks any real depth. I got bored of it pretty quickly. It's fun for a little bit of time, especially if you like DBZ, but it's just nothing extraordinary."
  17. 0

    #20LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is an adventure local cooperative game developed by Traveller’s Tales Feral Interactive and published by LucasArts. Released in 2009, this game is available on Windows and Mac PCs.

    Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4


    Ishan Pillai
    Written on November 21, 2017
    "LEGO games will actually have you feeling like you're in an intense moment while having fun and enjoying the fact that you're playing with LEGOS. The dialogue in these games is always funny and the characters are incredibly lovable."
    Arnav Saxena
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "This seems like a fun game with action and it has really good reviews."
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    #21Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
    Galaxy On Fire 2 HD is an immersive, open-world space combat exploration game, with over a 150 different ships and upgrades, as well as 3 unique stories. You can mine asteroids, explore 30+ star systems, fight aliens/pirates and upgrade your ship.

    iOS, Android

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Douglas Foster
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "This is a well reviewed action game for android with over 100,000 five star reviews. It s a well known shooting game for mobile devices."
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    #22XCOM: Enemy Within

    XCOM: Enemy Within

    XCOM: Enemy Within is an action game that allows you to play in a 3rd person point of view. In this game, you have to win against alien invaders using weapons and abilities while carrying powerful and dangerous fighting tools.


    iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


    Catherine Ford
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "This is an aging game of popularity which has been upgraded with modern graphics and improved game play. There are reported issues with certain devices which brings its reliability factor down. Other than that, this game should bring favorable results for an action game to those who like this type of game."
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    #23Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run
    Play as Mario in an action-packed game as you run, jump, and defeat creatures. Mario runs automatically, while a 60-minute timer goes off. Defeat Bowser, monsters, goombas, and more. 

    iOS, Android

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Doris Qiu
    Written on November 28, 2017
    "I absolutely love Super Mario Run. It is a one touch control game that lets you take mario through a variety of levels and battles. Several of the original mario characters are present and this makes the graphics even better. This game brings me back to the past when I used to play it through the nintendo. I would definitely recommend this game. "
    Eugene Aguilar
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "It's Mario! Need I say more? Nothing really new here, but it is well formated for Mobile. I liked the graphics."
  21. 0

    #24Implosion - Never Lose Hope

    Implosion - Never Lose Hope

    Implosion - Never Lose Hope is a hack and slash action role-playing game for Android that is free to play for six levels. The game has a fantastic touch interface and is set in a science fiction environment. 


    iOS, Android


    Tammy Morris
    Written on November 24, 2017
    "This is one of the best games on the Android market. The gameplay and graphics are amazing. It feels like you're playing a console game."
  22. 0



    Crashlands is an adventure role-playing and crafting game created by Butterscotch Shenanigans. It is a game where players take the role of a trucker trying to survive on different planets. It won Gamezebo's Game of the Year award in 2016.


    Android, iOS, Mac, Windows


    Josefina Correa
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "This games has won tons of awards and I can easily see why. It is the most fun I have ever had playing on an Android device."
    David Hoffman
    Written on November 21, 2017
    "I could see myself using this very great idea i have not seen many things like this available "
  23. 0

    #26Into the Dead

    Into the Dead

    Into the Dead is an action game set in a zombie apocalypse where you have to run for your life and defend yourself by unlocking powerful weapons and perks. The game is developed by PikPok for Windows and mobile devices.


    Android, iOS, Windows

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Juan Carlos Antonio
    Written on November 30, 2017
    "Lots of action with plenty of enemies and fighting going on."
  24. 0

    #27Rayman Adventures

    Rayman Adventures
    Rayman Adventures is a 2D side-scroller platform game for iOS and Android. The game features the characteristic Rayman gameplay translated into touch-controls in a free-to-play system. 

    iOS, Android

    Free- With in-app purchases.

    Kenneth Stevens
    Written on November 21, 2017
    "I have purchased all the Rayman games and thoroughly enjoy playing each one of them. I recently got the Rayman Adventures game for my Android and it is just as much fun to play on my phone. It is a great way to pass time and I feel like one of the better action games you can get for Android. "
  25. 0

    #28Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

    Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

    The game that started it all is now available for free in your mobile phone. Collect every ring and complete all levels with Sonic, the iconic and most famous blue hedgehog that everyone loved back in the days. 


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Doris Wang
    Written on November 29, 2017
    "I used to enjoy this game casually. I now play this game for the nostalgia. The only problem is sometimes it freezes for me. However, that might be my phone because I have problems with other apps."
  26. 0

    #29Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z

    Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z

    Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z is a game application developed by Super Fan-Made Studio. This action game is suitable for everyone and inspired by the anime Dragon Ball Z. 




    Peter Ellis
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "Some games don't work well on touch screen devices, shooters are a shining example. Fighter Z seems to work fairly well on my android device with touch input. It's a free to play app that has in app purchases which unlocks different aspects of the game. If you're into DBZ, you'll probably enjoy this game, otherwise keep hoping for something with better way of using touch controls to to control your character. The skill ceiling is super high in this game."
  27. 0

    #30Fist of Awesome

    Fist of Awesome
    Fist of Awesome is a time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up of epic proportions. It stars Tim Burr as a man out of time, caught up in a needlessly convoluted plot to enslave humanity by populating history with homicidal wild animals...

    Android, Windows, Mac


    María Acevedo
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "Fist of Awesome for Android is a whole lot of awesome in one action-packed game. You've never played anything like this game, I recommend it for taking your gaming experience to a whole new level."
    Debra Fisher
    Written on July 20, 2018
    "in the travelling in the man is the vary oury in the lumberjack in the need of the basck in the need of the time up in the needlessly convoluted plot to enslave "
  28. 0

    #31Metal Slug 3

    Metal Slug 3
    Metal Slug 3 is a run and gun video game developed by SNK. The most highly praised title in the series among Metal Slug fans for its refined balance and game volume.


    Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    James Wells
    Written on November 27, 2017
    "This is a good fun game that really brings me back to my childhood. I really enjoy melting the aliens into a goo. It's very challenging, but the touch screen controls do make some things harder than they need to be."
  29. 0


    In this casual game for Android the player swipes directions on the screen in order to hit enemies with weapons in a concrete pattern.


    Free- with in-app purchases

    Joyce Armstrong
    Written on November 26, 2017
    "Stormblades is a really fun game for the Android platform. I have been looking fort the best action games to play lately and this one definitely satisfied the urges that I have been having."
  30. 0

    #33Punch Quest

    Punch Quest

    Punch Quest is an arcade-style game that is easily controlled by the left and right thumbs. Unlock many special abilities and super moves to defeat your opponent.


    Android, iOS

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Carl Jenkins
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Hey, not too shabby, this. This is just smashin good time. Simple and straightforward. No fuss. I was looking for a good action game to jump right into and i've found it. I can be punching and killing things in no time. Yeeehaw."
  31. 0

    #34Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars

    From the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is a game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS devices. The multiplayer game features various gameplay modes such as Showdown, Gem Grab, Heist, Bounty, and Brawl Ball.


    iOS, Android

    Free- With in-app purchases

    Ishan Jindal
    Written on June 25, 2018
    "So I was looking for the best action games on Android and I was able to find Brawl Stars so far I love it and its a great game. I'm having so much fun with it!"

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Best action games on Android
1HearthstoneGames 4 Free
2MinecraftGames 4 Paid
3Pokémon GOGames 2 Free
4BadlandGames 2 Free
5Goat Simulator GoatZGames 2 Paid
6Pac-ManGames 2 Free
7Threes!Games 2 Paid
8Riptide GP: RenegadeGames 1 Paid
9Sea Battle 2Games 1 Free
10Asphalt 8: AirborneGames 1 Free

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