Best 3ds homebrew apps

The Nintendo 3DS might be a last-generation console but it's still a good purchase for gamers. There are plenty of games for it and it has a healthy modding community behind it developing homebrew apps for it. Here are some to check out and install on it.


with in-app purchases
This is the official app made by Reddit that is available for both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you will be connected to Reddit with infinite scroll, autoplay GIFs, and the fastest-loading interface of any Reddit app.
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  • William Bishop

    by William Bishop

    One of my favorite 3ds homebrew apps is actually Reddit: The Official App. This is a great little app that I can lose hours playing with.


Free download

CTRXplorer is a homebrew app for the Nintendo 3DS and serves as a file explorer to help with browsing various files on your device. It comes with a virtual keyboard for string mode editor among other features.

  • Jack Banks

    by Jack Banks

    The open source SD file manager angle needs more thinking to be done. I can see the overall route but sharing files is very near and dear to people. T More

  • Denise Ellis

    by Denise Ellis

    NGL, this app is even better for filesharing more than Nintendo's "official" apps. It's fast, and the layout is good looking

3.CTR Streaming Server

Free download

CTR Streaming Server is a homebrew app for the Nintendo 3DS. It serves as a network server for playing both audio and video types of media sent to it from other network devices and HID reporting over the network.

  • Helen Curtis

    by Helen Curtis

    3DS homebrew network server is used for playing media sent to it from other network devices. It is a great way to store your media and files

  • Maricela Cervantes

    by Maricela Cervantes

    Out of all the homebrew streaming apps available on 3DS, this is possibly the best one due to its fast buffering and smooth interface


Free download

Allows to modify the 3DS's Play Coins counter, in other words providing infinite Play Coins. Usage is self-explanatory, just choose the number of coins you want from the list using A, then exit using B



Other platforms

  • Crystal Henderson

    by Crystal Henderson

    Playcoin is a great 3DS app that helps you write playcoins directly to the counter. You can change it at any time.

  • Vibhore Rathore

    by Vibhore Rathore

    I loev coins and money so this app is v fun 4 me


Free download

The NFCReader is a Nintendo 3DS homebrew app. The app allows users to utilize their Nintendo 3DS as an NFC/RFID UID scanner. It currently supports reading 0x4 UID size which is the common one found on today's devices.



Other platforms

  • Diana Hughes

    by Diana Hughes

    Never thought i can use my 3ds as a uid scanner without any outsied app. good on the dev for making this. my only conplaint is that its too hard to use, but once you get used to it its easy peasy

6.3DS Paint

Free download

3DS Paint is a homebrew application for Nintendo 3DS. With this app, you can draw anything you want, with 7 colors and an eraser. You can also save your drawing to the SDCARD in .bmp image format.

3DS Paint

3DS Paint

Other platforms

  • Rachel Hunter

    by Rachel Hunter

    I've started using this app a few months back when Paint on my laptop stopped working for some stupid reason. I thought this would be a temp solutions More

  • Jack Aguilar

    by Jack Aguilar

    fits topic

7.3DS Homebrew Browser

Free download

The 3DS Homebrew Browser is an app for the Nintendo 3DS that lets you browse and download homebrew applications directly to your device making the whole process of trying out homebrew apps much easier.

  • Aarav Mittal

    by Aarav Mittal

    This is just a browser for the Homebrew on 3DS, so if you're looking for ways to create homebrew things, then this probably isn't it. If you're lookin More

  • Margaret Washington

    by Margaret Washington

    One of the other comments got something right at least. This is the best browser for utilizing homebrew apps. His mistake, however, is assuming that e More


Free download

FTPony is a homebrew application for the Nintendo 3DS. It serves as a basic FTP server, useful for testing new homebrew versions without swapping the SD card as well transferring files between devices.



Other platforms

  • Vicky Duan

    by Vicky Duan

    FTPony is definitely a unique tool. The ability to transfer files without removing and reinserting the SD card is a true time saver. Some computer kno More

  • Angela Moore

    by Angela Moore

    this is best. it allows you to transfer files easity without removing or replacing manually stuff. 10/10!!


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